Oj Ganuelas on Deadliest Catch was suddenly rushed to hospital on the August 15 episode. Captain Keith was seriously worried about his Wizard crew member. So, what happened to Oj on Deadliest Catch?

The Wizard faces several trials while out at sea. Usually, this involves weather-based issues or not catching enough fish. However, the recent Deadliest Catch episode saw OJ being driven to hospital with severe chest pains.

What happened to Oj on Deadliest Catch?

Oj was rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. He said he has “never felt anything like it” while experiencing sharp pains in his left side, with Captain Keith Colburn talking to medical staff about his crew member.

The Unalaska Fire Department said they would “help him out” before Oj was taken to the medical clinic for a potential heart attack. He revealed, “If I move sideways, it really hurts.”

Keith went to check on Oj and drove him to The Anchorage, which he claimed is a “much better facility for medicine.” He arranged for a plane to take him to the hospital when Oj was considered stable but in need of more tests.

He took a break from The Wizard

Oj went to the fully-equipped Anchorage Hospital while the F/V Wizard crew finished the western Bairdi without him. They traveled to Tom Madsen Airport before Oj said: “I feel bad leaving those guys behind.”

He said: “I’ll go to a different doctor, see what they say for my chest. If they say it’s good to come back over here, I’m going to come back right away, I swear to God.” Captain Monte then told his crew member to “take it easy.”

Captain Monte said: “We’ll get through this without you one way or the other. It ain’t going to be pretty and it ain’t going to be ideal, but it’s going to happen.” Oj then promised he would come back to the boat.

Captain Keith pays Oj a visit

Just three days before Oj’s health risks were shown on Deadliest Catch, he shared a series of snaps on Instagram. Captain Keith Colburn gave his youngest daughter, born in November 2022, a smiley cuddle.

He traveled to Oj’s home to meet his family and wrote the caption: “Bossman in the house!” It comes after Keith’s clear worries for his crew member who drove to a “better” medical facility to ensure he got the best healthcare.

Oj is still a crew member on The F/V Wizard, as shown on his Facebook page. He has worked on the boat since 2016, and at the end of July, the Discovery star shared that he was “checking the crew while at shore.”


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