Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 6 has officially started with the hunt taking Parker and the team to a whole new location. Used to somewhere different each season, we answer where Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 6 is filmed.

After the events of season 5 left him a little worse for wear, Parker Schnabel is going further afield in season 6 in the hopes of striking gold. With thrills, chills, and a whole new environment, the latest chapter of the Gold Rush spin-off might be the most exciting yet.

Where is Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 6 filmed?

This time, Parker and his team are taking on the challenging terrain of Peru.

Parker, Tyler, Danny, and Dr Diego Laaz will be chipping through the mountains of South America, hunting for $100 million in gold. With some old and new faces for the new series, it’s best to get to know the Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail 2023 cast before you jump right in.

To get there, they’ll need to trek through the dense forests full of unnerving wildlife. Oh, and there’s the small threat of natural disasters along the way too. More specifically, they’ll be mining with the Harakmbut tribe, using hand-held explosives in narrow tunnels to find more than their weight in gold.

The mission: to find virgin ground on the Incan trail. But they’ll have to get through the Peruvian jungle first.

Parker and the team will also be hoping to make it into Bolivia where there’s the opportunity for a modern-day gold rush.

Facing terrains like never before, one of the first challenges they’ll encounter is flooding. That’ll soon change when they’re faced with the desert, following the same steps as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It’s not only a race for gold this season, but a race against the environment too.

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Parker Schnabel has something to prove

Last season definitely wasn’t Parker’s best. After opening a new mine in Alaska, the entire motivation behind season 5 of the spin-off, it ended up being a complete washout.

That’s why he’s going in a completely new direction for the latest series, leaving Alaska and Canada in the hopes of striking big.

However, the reality TV star won’t be able to forget about it completely. Back in the Yukon, Parker has an expiring lease, so he really needs to turn the tide on his luck and then some.

This season really is make or break for the star, who has only ever wanted to honor his ancestors in the industry by finding his own luck in the mining world. Moving away from the Klondike trail may be the only way to do just that.

How many episodes of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 6 are there?

Currently, Discovery+ has two episodes up to stream, with the official second episode of the series ‘Mother of God’ airing tonight (April 14).

It’s not known how many episodes will complete season 6, but the two latest series of the show have had 9, so we would expect about the same.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail airs on Fridays on Discovery at 9 pm ET. A

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