Summer Homayed left the Survive The Raft cast in a sudden walk-off a week ago. Summer H is known as a local hero where she lives. However, her exit left a huge effect on fans who blame her for “killing the experiment.”

Jonathan vented about Summer H, saying she was overly controlling, and this led to a series of feuds aboard the raft. The Discovery Channel show follows nine strangers who live and work aboard the Acali II raft for 21 days. However, the Survive The Raft cast number whittled down to just seven after Summer and Jonathan left.

Summer H on Survive The Raft

Summer Homayed on Survive The Raft was one of nine contestants on the Discovery Channel show. During episode 1, she expressed that she’s struggling to fit in with the group as a Muslim woman.

Lashanna defends Summer H, which led to an argument between her and CJ when Lashanna talked about racial stereotypes and white privilege. Summer H told everyone that Lashanna revealed the team’s pact to stay loyal.

Lashanna defended herself by saying Summer H exaggerated her words and that she didn’t reveal any specific alliance. The group then begins to view Summer H as a liar and pot stirrer, before she was placed into team green.

Her exit ‘killed the experiment’

Summer H reiterated that she doesn’t fit in with the group and felt isolated and targeted. She also says that she thinks they’ve already chosen Summer S over her. Summer H then quits and eliminates herself from the competition.

This happened before the group could hold an actual vote, thereby making Summer Sawaya an official new member of the team. However, viewers are totally devastated by Summer Homayed’s exit and think she “killed the experiment.”

A Reddit thread on the series saw a fan state: “Summer H leaving killed the experiment. All that’s left now is another drama about greed.” Another penned: “I felt bad for the woman who voluntarily left.

“She felt so unwanted that she just didn’t want to be there. She didn’t even want there to be a vote.” While another said: “Summer became so frustrated & alienated bc Lashanna painted her as a pot stirrer. She chose to self evict.”

Where Summer is after filming

As filming took place over the course of 21 days in August 2022 on the Pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama, Summer has moved on from the events of Survive The Raft an entire year later.

She has kept herself busy cooking homemade meals for her business and sharing them on Instagram. Summer is living her best mom life as a Lebanese influencer who works as a Michigan-based chef.

Summer has been staying updated with the show by supporting her co-stars. Summer Sawaya was described as her “soul sister” in her recent Instagram Story. The star has also been staying fit by going on regular jogs.


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