The Alaskan Bush People have been spotted on the show’s well-known mountain and fans think the family could be hinting a new season is coming soon. We’ve got the latest on where the Discovery stars are in 2022.

When Billy Brown died in 2021, the family’s entire world turned upside down. Since losing their father the Brown children and his wife Ami decided to devote themselves to his legacy and continue filming the reality docu-series.

While fans cross their fingers for new episodes, we have gathered the latest updates on Ami, Gabe, Rain, Noah, Bear, Bird and Bam Bam, and what they’ve been doing since the last season wrapped.

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Bear Brown reunited with Raiven

Bear Brown has accepted a plea deal after his domestic violence arrest, having reconciled with his wife Raiven. Bear, 34, was arrested for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree on March 11th 2022, as reported by The Sun.

The married couple went on a honeymoon towards the end of April this year, several months after their January wedding. Raiven has also kept a ring emoji next to Bear’s name in her social media bio.

Ami Brown represents Billy’s estate

Billy’s wife Ami, 58, requested to be the personal representative of his estate after his death, which was approved. But her request for a Washington judge to dismiss the $500,000 lawsuit being made against her late husband was denied.

The Sun reported investor Robert Maughon filed a lawsuit against Billy’s estate and the late star’s business – Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions – for breach of contract on April 27th 2021, claiming Billy failed to pay him show profits.

Aside from the case, Ami is working on continuing her life without Billy Brown, but with him there in spirit. She has plans to build a barn for the animals as she knows her late husband wanted to make the ranch bigger.

The mother-of-eight also said it was the beginning of a new era, which involved her and the children working to turn the place into a working ranch and farm. She added: “The dream hasn’t died, nor has it changed.”

Gabe embraces mountain life

Gabe Brown has been sharing poems on Instagram recently, which appear to pay tribute to his late father. The latest photo had the words: “I look inside, I see your smiling face, there I remember who I am.”

He has also been hanging out with his younger brother Noah, who he recently wrote some kind words about on social media. In the caption, Gabe opened up about his role as a big brother and wrote:

Being a big brother to three younger siblings has been one of the biggest honours of my life, and I find myself looking up to them more often than not. God bless little brothers everywhere.

The Brown brother also shared how grateful he is to work alongside his “one in a million” wife, who he cheered on for being an “amazing mommy” who he said surprises him every day with her “wonderful parenting”.

Rain has a new hair colour

Rain has transformed her look since the previous Alaskan Bush People season by dying her hair a much lighter colour. She went from brown roots to a blonde-auburn style, and debuted her fresh barnet on Instagram.

It’s also clear to see she lives in a tiny house, as stated in her recent social media captions. She also joked tht she is “still a wild child” and is sometimes seen with her cat, confirming she is still an animal lover!

Bam Bam was in a car accident

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has been hospitalised since a car crash in Washington that left a woman dead. The accident happened on Friday, May 20th 2022 when Joshua, 37, was driving his GMC northbound on the SR 97 freeway.

A black Chevrolet Camaro going southbound and Joshua’s vehicle were involved in a head-on collision. A 24-year-old woman in the passenger seat of the Camaro died in the accident, as reported by The Sun.

Washington state law enforcement has confirmed the reality star was not at fault for the tragic accident. Officials said the Camaro had crossed lanes and swerved over to the opposite side of the highway where Bam Bam was driving.

One of the last social media messages we’ve seen from Joshua was an Instagram post in which he wore a beekeeper’s suit and urged followers to respect bees, before adding the hashtag #alaskanbushpeople.


Unlike her siblings, Bird doesn’t use social media to update fans about her living situation. She’s thought to reside at the family’s North Star Ranch in Tonasket, Washington, with mom Ami and her brothers and sisters.

She revealed in 2021 that she was ready to start dating, but has given no confirmations of any new love interests. Bird, also known as Snowbird, has also been spending time with her horse North, who she was reunited with after a fire.

Noah and Rhain are busy parents

Noah and Rhain have kept themselves busy by focusing on their baby, who arrived in November 2021. The Brown’s Instagram is plastered with photos of the little one, the second of their two children.

They called him Adam Bishop Brown. With Adam and older brother Elijah Connor Brown, that means the family of four are fully embracing their home life with regular snaps of them watching TV or eating meals together.

Matt Brown looks after orchards

Matt has found himself a quiet home and has been working on a nearby orchard. The former cast member, who no longer speaks to the Brown family, said on Instagram he was still “in recovery from substances”.

During season 8, he left to attend rehabilitation for his ongoing battle against drug and alcohol addiction. Since going into recovery, he has been focusing on projects such as building a sled to use when going up the mountain.

He often posts check-in videos on the social media platform in which he opens up about how life is going. More recently, in response to a fan who asked how he was doing, Matt revealed things were “going well” and that he is happy.



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