Sophia Nielson, otherwise known as Bob, is a newbie on Deadliest Catch. She was trained by Jake Anderson on the Victory boat. But Sophia recently said she has days left on her contract.

Making history as the youngest cast member on the Discovery Channel show, Sophia joined the Victory boat, which faced a hit or two during the season. She revealed on Instagram that her boat was not fixed until after the season was wrapped. Sophia also said her contract would run out in a few days.

Who is Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielson?

Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielson, who encourages her co-stars to call her Bob, is a deckhand on The Victory. That makes her a Deadliest Catch star who was taught the ropes by Jake Anderson.

Just 23 years old, Sophia spends most of her days catching salmon and crabs while out at sea. Based in King Cove, Alaska, she is in a relationship with a guy nicknamed Bobo, who also works on boats.

Captain Bob’s father passed away when she was young. She wants to continue her father’s legacy with the F/V Victory after inheriting it from him but didn’t want to work on boats with him when he was alive.

Deadliest Catch star’s contract passed

Sophia Bob revealed she had “a couple of days” until her contract ran out for the salmon season in 2023. She also told fans that they did not fix the damage to The Victory until after the season had finished.

While back on land, the Deadliest Catch newbie has been spending time with her loved ones, including five dogs. Most fisherman contracts consist of between 30 and 90-day durations.

A fan said: “What contract is expiring? I hope you’re staying on Deadliest Catch.” Another wrote: “Hope they renew it for Season 20 and sign you up with a nice contract.”

Fans fear Sophia won’t return

One fan said to Deadliest Catch’s Sophia Bob: “You have been the best addition to Deadliest Catch ever!! Please stay a part of the show!” Another penned: “Love you on the show! We need more of you.”

“You are like a breath of fresh air on this season of The Deadliest Catch. Hope you keep at it,” wrote another Deadliest Catch viewer. A fellow fan said, “Hope you are around for a long time.”


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