Who is Dan Lanigan? Meet the prop collector and host of Disney's Prop Culture!

Prop Culture premiered on Disney Plus on May 1st, 2020.

The docu-series takes viewers on an exciting journey through classic Disney movies and shows, showing the props and costumes that have made those productions special.

Presented by Dan Lanigan, in every episode the prop enthusiast meets film creators, builders, concept designers – key people behind the production of iconic films.

So, who is Dan? Let’s meet the host of the Disney series and get to know him better, including career and Instagram!

Dan Lanigan on Prop Culture

Who is Dan Lanigan?

Dan is an American writer, producer and actor.

As a huge fan of props, costumes and cinematic relics, Dan’s dream came true when he co-created and produced Prop Culture for Disney Plus.

Speaking to Collider, Dan revealed that it has been “surreal” to have the opportunity to look through some of Disney’s most iconic movies and produce the series for other fans like him. He said:

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I’m a fanboy myself, and I made the show for people like me. Hopefully, that translates to other people.

Dan runs a blog under the name Raider of the Lost Props where he says he’s been collecting film props and set pieces for over 20 years now.

He has such a massive collection of beloved artifacts that each one of them deserves their own space in a museum.

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Dan Lanigan on Prop Culture

Dan Lanigan: Career

Dan’s career in the film industry goes back to 2013 when he joined the TV series Race to the Scene as an executive producer.

Since then, he has worked on several other series and documentaries, including the 2016 short sci-fi Fan-O-Rama and Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth where he appeared as a character called Big Bone.

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Is Dan on Instagram?

Yes, Dan is on Instagram! He has just 22 posts and over 1,600 followers at the time of writing, so it seems he’s slowly but surely gaining more popularity on the social media app.

He mainly shares snaps from film sets, as well as his personal collection of props and costumes.

You can find him under the handle @lanigandan.




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