A fruit punch fountain isn't even the most delicious part of David Dobrik's house
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 01: David Dobrik attends the U.S. premiere of "Jackass Forever" at TCL Chinese Theatre on February 01, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage)

A fruit punch fountain isn't even the most delicious part of David Dobrik's house

YouTuber David Dobrik is bringing his own show to Discovery, where we get to see the ins-and-outs of his successful, lavish lifestyle. He even leaves his $9.5K multi-million dollar home behind

Discovering David Dobrik is more than just an extended YouTube video but rather an insight into his relationships. The series sees him surprising his closest friends with their biggest adventure yet – around the entire globe.

Seeing his expensive globe-trotting on-screen has left many viewers curious about where he spends most of his time, in the comfort of his own home. His house even has a fruit punch fountain!

And that’s not even the most delicious part of his home. Fancy a tour? Welcome to his crib…

Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage

David Dobrik’s $9.5K house

David bought his $9.5K mansion back in February 2021, meaning he has now lived in the place for a year. His friend Josh Peck asks him during a new house reveal: “Wait, this is what you can afford now you’ve quit vlogging?!”

The Love Island-esque outdoor area has enough sunbeds and a big enough pool for an entire party of people. Plus, he literally has a bed so wide that four people could comfortably sleep in there. New villa for 2022 maybe?

With a basketball court, glass balcony and even heated toilet seats, could the pad get any better?! Oh wait, there’s also a cinema room. He’s also got his own filming studio which looks like a set you can only find in the movies.

He even has a fruit punch fountain

Let’s not forget that David has a standard fountain which looks like those public water tanks… But the truth is, you can actually get fruit punch straight into your mouth. You know, if you’re ever feeling thirsty.

With the Hawaiian-flavoured drink on tap, as inspired by movie Mr. Deeds – aka the YouTuber’s favourite part in the property – there’s even a glass wine room, for those who casually go round his and fancy a wine-tasting session.

David also has a steam shower in the Los Angeles Sherman Oaks neighborhood-based home, which comes with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms across 7,800 square feet of living space.

The Discovery star’s net worth

A YouTuber, TikToker and now Discovery star, David has 18.3million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he has accumulated a whopping $15million net worth as of 2022!

Starting off with a successful Vine account, he has now thrown himself into the world of podcasting and making videos. Plus, he usually works with brands for extra cash, such as SeatGeek and Honey.

David’s old home in Studio City, Los Angeles, was up for sale on Zillow, and was sold for $2.6million. The listing shows that it has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, so a significantly smaller property compared to his current pad.



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