Who is Andre LuJan? Meet the Dino Hunters newbie on Instagram!

Andre LuJan is the newbie who viewers might not recognise on Discovery’s new series of Dino Hunters. Get to know him here.

He will be seen helping fourth generation ranchers Robert and Billie Abercrombie, who currently run a cattle operation in New Mexico.

If you haven’t already seen Dino Hunters, it’s exactly what it says in the name – they hunt down dinosaur fossils, and it’s all caught on camera for us.

As viewers will be seeing much more of Andre, Reality Titbit has put together some research to help them get to know the new star.

Screenshot: The Cowboys Hunting for Dinosaur Fossils | Dino Hunters, Discovery YouTube

Who is Andre LuJan?

Andre LuJan is a Texan native who has a passion for fossil hunting.

Robert Abercrombie has hired Andre to help locate a 100-year-old dig site, hoping to find his grandfather’s legacy by uncovering an ancient behemoth.

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The massive site is though to have Ice-Aged Columbian Mammoth bones.

From Hillsboro, he operates a large prep lab, as well as owns and leases rich bone beds and fossil sites around the United States.

Andre LuJan: Fossils career

Andre is currently the executive director of Texas Through Time.

He has worked at the Texas-based museum since April 2018, according to the Dino Hunters star’s LinkedIn page.

And that’s not all, as the newbie is also a county government student at the Greater Hillsboro Leadership Program.

Andre is kept busy, as being the president of PaleoTex LLC is additionally on his CV, which provides services to museums and institutions.

When it comes to paleontology – the study of the history of life on Earth as based on fossils – he has over 15 years of experience in the field and lab.

Meet Andre LuJan on Instagram

Andre LuJan, who has 187 followers on his Instagram page, isn’t just a palaeontologist, but a husband and father, too.

For those who want to follow his journey, you won’t ever be short of learning about fossils – because he often uploads his historic finds!

When it comes to his personal life, Andre is married to Carrie LuJan. It looks like the couple may live on a farm together, with their children.

He often takes his son – a sibling to a brother and sister, making Andre a father-of-three – out for educational walks to teach him about paleontology.

As a family, they have been on an ox ranch trip to look for dinosaur tracks, caves, exotic animals and more!



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