Netflix: Who is Bishop Ezekiel Williams? Meet Pharrell's uncle from Voices of Fire!

Netflix: Who is Bishop Ezekiel Williams? Meet Pharrell's uncle from Voices of Fire!

Musician Pharrell’s uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams stars in Netflix’s new series Voices of Fire. So who is he? Let’s find out all about Ezekiel…

The series sees Pharrell and his uncle Ezekiel search high and low to the musician’s hometown Virginia, in a bid to find talented singers.

It is all in aid of forming a gospel choir. While fans already knew who Pharrell was, they are now wondering who the man helping him is…

So who is Bishop Ezekiel Williams? Let’s find out his background!

Voices of Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix

Voices of Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Bishop Ezekiel Williams?

Bishop Ezekiel Williams is from the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, where his nephew Pharrell was born.

He went to many churches and pastors as a gifted organist and musical director during his teenage years.

Bishop Williams studied music at Virginia Commonwealth University to secure his piano performance degree.

He is married to Lady Monique Williams, and is the father of four daughters Chanel Kirsten, Jasmine Rochelle, Colette Danielle, Sydney Nicole and one son Marc Xavier Williams.

Bishop Ezekiel Williams: Career

He began his career by conducting Bible Study Services on Wednesday evenings in 2011, and Saturday Weekend Celebration Services in 2012.

Then his success took off several years later. In May 2014, Bishop Williams created Faith World Ministries International Assemblies.

It which aims to provide a safe environment for pastors, clerics, leaders and lay leaders, to be trained for spiritual guidance.

Bishop Williams has also travelled around the world to share his musical talents, and has gone as far as Scandinavia.

Bishop Ezekiel Williams on Voices of Fire

With Bishop being known as a well-respected musical genius, he helps nephew Pharrell find singers for a gospel choir.

Auditions are carried out with an expert panel, in a bid to build the world’s most inspirational choir – which Ezekiel says has always been his dream.

He gives each singer one shot to show what they are made of. Along the way, we get to see Ezekiel and Pharrell’s close family bond.



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