Who are Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters? Instagram and YouTube here!

Who are Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters? Instagram and YouTube here!

Closer-than-ever siblings Brooke and Baylee are starring on TLC’s Extreme Sisters, which launched a new season on April 25th.

The new series is set to feature the most obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships between sisters, such as sharing foods and beds together.

Amongst the cast are Brooke and Baylee, who have already accumulated fans since an exclusive clip of them was shared by TLC.

So, who are Brooke and Baylee? What is their sister bond like and where are they now? We have all the information here.

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Who are Brooke and Baylee?

Brooke, 24, and her sister Baylee, 22, are inseparable sisters.

The siblings, who continue to share a bed together, Candace-Brooke and Candace-Baylee have the same first name as each other.

Brooke, who is married and has a daughter called Candace-Ace, revealed that her sister has been sleeping with Ace while living at her home.

Baylee, who lives with the couple in Oklahoma, had slept with Brooke and her husband Denver three out of four nights, in a PEOPLE preview clip.

Brooke and Baylee on Extreme Sisters

They are so close, to the extent that Brooke revealed Baylee had shaved her bottom for her while she was pregnant.

Both of them admit that they are honest with each other, to the point of telling the other if they have a hair on their chest.

Their closeness has remained tight since childhood, ever since their parents divorced. The sisters were always with each other when moving homes.

They also pop each other’s pimples and have showers together.

Brooke and Baylee on Instagram

Baylee and Brooke both promote the family-based YouTube channel in their Instagram bios, where the Johnstons have over 9K subscribers.

Baylee is in a relationship of her own, and regularly posts pictures with her 21-year-old boyfriend Briar Don Eaton.

Brooke, on the other hand, appears to have recently welcomed another child into her life called Kross Johnston with Denver!

Baylee and her boyfriend already seem to love their nephew Kross. It’s also clear to see that the sisters love spending time with their mom.



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