Where is Chrystal Rollins from My 600-lb Life now? Post-filming updates!

Chrystal Rollins shared her story on TLC’s My 600-lb Life on March 25th. So, where is she now? Did she get weight loss surgery?

She is one of several people who weigh more than 600 pounds on the series, and are hoping to embark on their weight loss journey.

We followed Chrystal’s story, who is on supplemental oxygen due to her weight putting so much pressure on her lungs.

We found the My 600-lb Life star on social media to find out where she is now – let’s see what she’s been up to post-filming…

Screenshot: Chrystal Rollins, My 600-lb Life, TLC Instagram

Who is Chrystal Rollins?

Chrystal, 39, is a mother-of-two to daughters Ivoriana and Tatiana.

Living in San Diego, in California, she was first introduced at a weight of 611 lbs, and wanted to drop the pounds to become a better mother.

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She also has asthma, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure, which means she finds it difficult to do everyday chores.

Chrystal’s dependence on food started at the age of seven, when she weighed more than 80 pounds.

The TLC star became even more dependent on eating when her mother, who worked at a donut store, got remarried.

Chrystal’s story on My 600-lb Life

Chrystal moved in with her grandmother while growing up, and ended up weighing 420 lbs by the time she had graduated.

Then following two relationships that didn’t go well, she moved closer to her mother and half-brother Josh.

She then could no longer work due to her weight, and began to rely on her daughters to look after her.

Deciding enough was enough, she travelled to meet Dr. Now in Houston, Texas, with her brother and two daughters.

He gave her a 200-calorie day diet, along with exercises and therapy.

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Where is Chrystal Rollins now?

Chrystal was successful in losing weight, and was standing on the scales at 498 lbs within eight months – meaning she lost 114 lbs in total.

Dr. Now approved her for weight loss surgery, telling her how proud he was of her consistent efforts to drop the pounds.

However, her lungs would need more respite before she could be given the procedure. Despite this, Dr. Now said she would be ready in the next 12 to 18 months if she kept up her hard work.

Looking at her Facebook page, it appears that Chrystal is no longer on supplemental oxygen, which used to be seen in previous pictures.

She has not made a public announcement about whether she actually got the surgery, but it appears as though she has continued to lose weight.



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