Where is Cillas from My 600-lb Life now? Transformation pic updates here!

Where is Cillas from My 600-lb Life now? Transformation pic updates here!

Cillas Givens is one of several participants who turned to My 600-lb Life to share their story, and try to improve their life. Where is he now?

Weighing at least 600 pounds, Cillas wanted to change his life around by dropping the pounds. So, he decided to visit Dr. Nowzaradan for support.

The series usually follows patients as they attempt to do what they can to be approved for weight loss surgery, which involves a strict diet regime.

So, where is Cillas Givens now? Did he continue his weight loss journey? We found the TLC star’s latest pictures, which shows a significant difference…

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Who is Cillas Givens?

Cillas was first introduced to My 600-lb Life at a weight of 729 pounds.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, his initial appearance on the TLC show took place during season 7 – where he made history.

The father – to three daughters and two stepdaughters – was recently revisited by the TLC series to get an update on how he is doing.

He was seen getting therapy, where he spoke about how his stepfather had not made an active effort to bond with him.

Cillas had turned to food as a source of comfort at a young age, but was determined to shed the pounds after a visit to bariatric surgeon Dr. Now.

Cillas Givens on My 600-lb Life

During his appearance, Cillas opened up about why he turned to food, which led to him dropping out of school as a result.

Despite finding love with Jessica, as well as support from her three daughters, he struggled to tackle his addiction to food.

During his journey, he lost 388 pounds – half of his initial weight. This made him the cast member to lose the most weight out of the season 7 stars!

Following his weight loss success, he proposed to his girlfriend Jessica!

Where is Cillas Givens now?

Cillas has lost a significant amount of weight, even since the ‘Where Are They Now?’ episode, which is clearly seen in his latest Facebook photos.

He currently lives in North Carolina with his family, where he was recently promoted from customer service agent to supervisor at a services firm.

Although he hasn’t updated his fan account since 2019, which he called ‘Cillas Givens: From dead to Dad’, he is still active on Facebook.

He continues to be happily married to his wife Jessica Erin Givens.



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