Clarkson's Farm cast: Get to know Charlie Ireland and Jeremy Clarkson's Girlfriend!
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Clarkson's Farm cast: Get to know Charlie Ireland and Jeremy Clarkson's Girlfriend!

Since Clarkson’s Farm aired on Amazon Prime last week, fans have been asking about the cast members on the show.

Charlie Ireland is a great addition to the show, and Reality Titbit is sure you will agree. His blunt and honest comments really have amused us over the course of the series.

Read on to not only find out more about Charlie but also Jeremy’s girlfriend too:

Who is Charlie Ireland?

Charlie Ireland is the farm business advisor and helped Jeremy put together the whole farming operation. He is the man who carefully and calmly explains the ins and outs of the business of farming.

Charlie also studied agriculture at the University of Nottingham so he definitely knows his stuff.

Charlie Ireland on Clarkson’s Farm

Charlie Ireland is nicknamed ‘Cheerful Charlie’ on the show, as Clarkson often jokes about his lack of positivity. In an interview, Jeremy says that his job is to “shout at him,” along with fellow cast member Keleb Cooper who is also known for having a go at Jeremy.

Charlie offers Clarkson advice on when to plant and harvest his crops, and how to budget.

At the end of the series, Charlie revealed how much money Jeremy had made from the year as a whole. When the total profits of £100 were announced, Clarkson was mortified. He said he empathised with farmers’ struggles – probably a lot more so than he had before.

Other support Jeremy had on the Amazon Prime series

Throughout the course of the show, Jeremy is helped out by a number of farming experts: Charlie Ireland, Ellen Helliwell, Gerald Cooper, and Kaleb Cooper.

In addition, Jeremy also has been majorly supported by his Girlfriend, Lisa Hogan too.

Lisa has contributed to sewing the crops in the Lamborghini, during her time on the farm, which she describes as a “thrill.” However, she claims her “little Massey Ferguson tractor is even better… it just does the job.”

She has also helped out by running the Diddly Squat Farm shop.

Lisa has also opened up about her experience, claiming “I have ended up learning a lot, largely as Jeremy didn’t have a clue and I’m quite practical.”

Jeremy does agree that she works her socks off and is surprised how much she is enjoying it all considering “she’s even less of a country girl than I am.”

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