Clarkson's Farm: Who is Ellen Helliwell?Amazon's favourite shepherdess!

Clarkson's Farm: Who is Ellen Helliwell?Amazon's favourite shepherdess!

Have you tuned in to the new show on Amazon Prime, Clarkson’s farm, yet?

If you haven’t it is definitely worth a watch – and if you have, well this is the perfect article to find out more about the shepherdess, Ellen Helliwell.

Read on for more info!

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Who is Ellen Helliwell?

Ellen Helliwell is a shepherdess and stockman. She is passionate about hill farming and all animals – however, she has an extra soft spot for sheep.

As a young ambassador of the NSA (National Sheep Association), she truly is the opposite of fellow castmate, Kaleb Cooper, in Clarkson’s farm. If you’ve been watching the show, I’m sure you’ve noticed that he isn’t too fond of sheep himself.

Ellen on Clarkson’s Farm

Ellen Helliwell was brought onto the show to help Clarkson with his lambing. However, because of Covid, Jeremy had to do most of it himself because of social distancing. He even had to catch the sheep himself, which Ellen admits was “quite entertaining.”

Though it was a difficult process, Jeremy did get there in the end – whilst amusing us Brits in the process.

According to Ellen, when he was trying to birth the lamb he claimed he couldn’t find the sheep – until she realised he had put his hand up the sheep’s bottom!

Ellen also repeatedly tells Jeremy throughout the show that his tractor is too big, this is one thing that all cast members can agree on – apart from Jeremy, of course!

Is Ellen on Instagram?

Yes, Ellen Helliwell does have Instagram. Her username is @shepherdess23.

Her content mostly consists of the animals she looks after on the farm, which includes lambs, goats, bulls, sheepdogs, and horses.

We love her content though, especially the cute baby animals!

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