Clarkson's Farm: Who is Gerald Cooper? Fans go crazy for Amazon star!

Clarkson's Farm: Who is Gerald Cooper? Fans go crazy for Amazon star!

If you’ve been tuning in to Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime, we’re sure that you’ve heard of Gerald Cooper.

His vibrant character and thick country accent are just a couple of the reasons fans have gone wild for this man – and this can be seen all over social media.

Read on for more info on the main man:

Who is Gerald Cooper?

Gerald Cooper had done the combining for Diddly Squat, Jeremy Clarkson’s farm, for 50 years. Throughout the series, he helps Clarkson to maintain his walls and fences that keep in the animals. He also helps harvest crops on his acres of land with a combine.

What does Gerald bring to Amazon series?

Gerald was actually one of the reasons Jeremy thought of the idea for his show. Though Gerald was the contract farmer and did the combining for the farm, it was his striking character that drew Jeremy in.

“He’s such a character, I knew he’d be great on TV.”

Jeremy Clarkson obviously was very fond of Gerard and his character but so are we!

Fans have been amused throughout the series by Clarkson’s inability to understand Gerald’s thick country accent. Every time the two have a conversation, Clarkson looks somewhat confused by what he is saying.

We’ve noticed fans have gone a bit crazy for Gerald!

Since the show aired last week, loads have been tweeting and writing messages on Facebook about the show:

Others have even created Fan accounts for Gerald, for example @GeraldCooperCN on Twitter who has shown great support.

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