Who is Don Brewer on Swamp People? Wife of History star revealed!

Don Brewer is regularly seen alongside the cast of History’s Swamp People, joining the team of alligator hunters.

The series focuses on a group living in the swamp region of Louisiana, specifically on the 30 days that they spent catching alligators.

As they preserve their way of live in the Atchafalaya Basin, cameras capture the harsh reality of trying to catch the swamp creatures.

So, who is Don Brewer? Who’s his wife and how much is he worth? Keep reading to find out more about the Swamp People cast member.

Screenshot: Don Brewer, Swamp People: CRAZY GENIUS GATOR BAIT (Season 11) | History YouTube

Who is Don Brewer?

Although he first came onto the show in season 11, Don Brewer is thought of as one of the most fearless men in the area.

Now known as Don “Katt Daddy” Brewer, he became Jacob’s new deckhand, and has owned boats all his life.

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Don is a professional catfish noodler, but had zero experience in hunting gators when he first came onto the series.

He’s been bitten by just about every creature in the swamp, including a beaver, skunk, snake and raccoon, while working as a gator hunter.

Originally from Oklahoma City, Don races motorcycles and mud trucks when he’s not busy hunting and fishing.

He is also the master plumber at Don’s Plumbing Inc.

Who is Don Brewer’s wife?

  • Michelle Austin Brewer

Don is married to Michelle, who is the general manager of Katt Daddy’s Cove, the bar and grill restaurant which he owns.

They got engaged in 2018, the same year she started her manager role.

Don and Michelle then tied the knot a year later, in May 2019.

Where else have we seen Don Brewer?

Viewers may also recognise him from his appearance on History series Mud Cats, which follows a group who hand-fish for flathead catfish.

His job description on Facebook states that he works as a noodler for the TV show Mudcats, which involves a $10K cash prize for the winner.

However, the show first aired in 2012, and ended in 2013.

He is reportedly one of the most competitive hand-fishers in Oklahoma, and is known as a celebrity at the Okie Noodling Tournaments.

In 2017, Don and his friend Dennis Williams entered the weigh-in area at the 18th annual Okie Noodling Tournament with over 50 pounds of catfish!



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