Who is Eazy E's daughter from Growing Up Hip Hop? Meet ReeMarkable on Instagram!

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta follows the lives of music artists fulfilling their dreams, including Eazy E’s daughter. So who is she?

Following in her father Eric’s footsteps, who died in 1995 following AIDS-related pneumonia, Henree – known as ReeMarkable – is living his dream.

Taking on his musical talents, Henree stars on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, as cameras follow her journey throughout the music scene.

So who is Eazy E’s daughter? Let’s meet her on Instagram!

Screenshot: ReeMarkable shares her story, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, WE tv

Who is Eazy E’s daughter Henree?

Henree Cherron Wright, who is professionally known in the music world as ReeMarkable, is a rapper and singer.

The 27-year-old has appeared on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, as she navigated through her music career and tried to set things in motion.

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Born in Atlanta, she was born during Eazy E’s relationship with Kelly Faultersack Robinson, and brought up by her mother in Decatur.

ReeMarkable’s career in music

She revealed on Growing Up Hip Hop that people think she’s an artist because her dad Eazy E was.

However, she went on to say that even if it was embedded, she was born after he started his journey, and that music is what she loves.

Although Henree’s father was Eazy E, who she describes as “one of the most influential rappers of all time”, she wants to be respected as an individual.

Henree reportedly wishes she could collaborate with Tupac, and began singing in a church choir, as encouraged by her great grandmother.

Meet ReeMarkable on Instagram

Henree regularly shares the latest music projects she is working on, as well as life as a mum with her son Cobe, 11, who she had at 16 years old.

Calling herself “The Lion Queen” in her Instagram bio, her latest music venture is her 2020 single Big Racks, featuring Yummy Pearl.

She has rocked several different hair colours and styles before, including bright orange, pink, blue and purple all at once!



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