Who is the Gold Rush narrator and were they in E4's Misfits?

Who is the Gold Rush narrator and were they in E4's Misfits?

As Gold Rush on Discovery gets well underway, several viewers may be wondering who the show’s narrating voice actually belongs to.

Like many documentaries, we are usually guided by a narrator who describes the goings-on, such as what fresh gold Tony Beets has found.

Since season 12 began airing on Friday nights, many fans just cannot help but notice that the narrator for the series may have changed.

Unable to see past the different voice, Reality Titbit done some exploring to find out who the 2021 Gold Rush voiceover is.

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Viewers react to ‘new’ narrator

Since Gold Rush launched its first season 12 episode, fans instantly noticed that the narrator sounds completely different.

One viewer said: “So watching #Goldrush when did the legend @shaundooley become the narrator love all his narrator work, especially on @guymartinracing.”

However, others weren’t so sure about the voiceover change, and were quick to question why the show changed the narrator.

Another wrote: “WTF going on with the new #GoldRush narrator.”

“What happened to the other Narrator #GoldRush“, said a fan.

Who is the Gold Rush narrator?

The Gold Rush series 12 narrator is Shaun Dooley.

He is an English actor and voice-over artist, best known for appearing on shows like Cuffs, Broadchurch, and Coronation Street.

Most recently, he appears in Netflix hit series The Witcher. And some fans instantly recognised his voice from narrating Edge of Alaska.

Previously, Paul Christie was the main narrator on Gold Rush, and was the voiceover for the 2021 Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.

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Was Shaun Dooley in Misfits?

Yes, Shaun Dooley played Greg in seasons four and five of Misfits.

His character Greg first arrives at the Community Centre in the first episode of series four, as the replacement to the missing Laura.

His character is the fifth, final, and longest-serving probation worker to the Misfits Gang, and the only probation worker not to be killed by them.

Viewers of Gold Rush instantly recognised Shaun’s recognisable and distinct voice from his role on Misfits.

He also narrated SAS: Who Dares Wins, Space Dive, Our War (second series, and Surgeons: At the Edge of Life, to name just a few.



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