Here’s how to watch Untouchable Harvey Weinstein documentary, perhaps one of the most urgent documentaries of our times in wake of the #metoo movement.

The Hollywood mogul and famous producer Harvey Weinstein’s time is up. It was only a matter of time before filmmakers took aim.

Now, Untouchable has arrived to inform audiences of the distressing scope of the man’s activities. It’s sure to prove difficult but essential viewing.

So, here’s how to watch Untouchable Harvey Weinstein documentary.

Harvey Weinstein in “Untouchable“, dir. Ursula Macfarlane

Untouchable: What is it all about?

The feature-film will include interviews with colleagues of Harvey Weinstein, as well as victims who have accused him of sexual assault.

It hopes to offer an insightful account of Weinstein’s abuse of power; his soaring highs and seedy lows. The portrait painted is sure to be an unsettling one.

Who made it?

Untouchable was directed by experienced documentarian Ursula Macfarlane.

She has helmed the likes of One Deadly Weekend in America, Beethoven and A Very British Murder.

With new interviews conducted, Macfarlane’s film will offer new information and contextualise the crimes of one of the film industry’s most famous figures.

shot from the Untouchable 2019 Sundance Film Festival premiere

How to watch Untouchable: Harvey Weinstein documentary

The film premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2019.

Reviews and word of mouth have been generally favourable.

However, as of yet, it looks like the film is awaiting release information.

Untouchable release date

Sadly, there is no date yet.

However, it’s optimistic to expect that Untouchable will drop in the coming months. After all, it’s definitely an urgent piece of filmmaking.

The controversy is still lingering. So, it’s likely that the film was made swiftly to get the information out there soon.

Hopefully, this is facilitated.


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