Horror fanatics out there will be pleased that Netflix has brought out a new series, called Haunted: Latin America. Let’s meet the cast…

The series, which claims to feature true spooky stories, is a Latin America-based version of the original Netflix show Haunted.

As cast members describe frightening horror stories of their own, viewers are starting to wonder exactly what their lives are like.

So, who is in the Haunted: Latin America cast? Keep reading to get to know Paula Martin and Edison Baltran, and their co-stars.

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Brisa (Paula Martin), is a mum-of-two who talks about the house she moved into with her sons.

Following a divorce, she says she had seen a little boy without shoes on following her, inside the home.

During the re-enactment, we see that Brisa found herself in the garden but had no recollection of how she got there.

They moved out of the home but had to return to live there with her two sons, new husband Arturo, and their new baby.

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Arturo (Edison Beltran) is Brisa’s husband, and is usually sceptical about anything paranormal.

However, he talks about how he got yanked to the floor by his ponytail, before him and his new baby almost get crushed by a wardrobe.

Both Arturo and Brisa were trying to get a loan a home they wanted to buy, but it wasn’t going through very quickly.

The actor who plays Arturo may be recognised from appearing on a series called Big Steps in 2019.


Roberto is Brisa’s brother, who is the last person in the room while Brisa is telling her story on the series.

He also claims he was driven out of the home due to a ghostly presence.


Dario (Sebastian Guayara) is Brisa’s son, and sees an adult presence.

He is Brisa’s younger son who reveals how scared he feels of his mom, as well as the ghosts.

The haunted activities took place when he was around five or six years old, back in the year of 2003.


Eddie (Joel Guayara) is also Brisa’s son, and brother to Dario.

He also experiences an adult presence in the home they moved into.


Zully Daza had a doll that she claims was obsessed with her.

At the age of seven, she began to feel “a presence” of an old man in a hat. Then when she turned 15, her father gave her a doll as a birthday gift.

Now that she is a mom, she suspects that the doll killed the family dog because it used to chew at her.

She contacted a paranormal investigator for help, however at the end of the episode, Zully is imagining the old man choking her, and topples back.


Rodrigo Cases (Marcel Salazar), an only child, claims he was really close to his parents growing up.

He says his father passed away a few years ago.

When he came back from school once, Rodrigo, from Mexico, went into his bedroom and heard a woman’s voice whisper his name.

Rodrigo, who regularly went running down the path that led to El Molino, told his mum he was really scared, having seen a ghostly woman.

The police NCO and criminology student thinks he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the ghosts that have haunted him his whole life.

He refers the ghost to a legend in Chihuahua of a woman from El Molino. She was a native of the Conchos tribe who lived by the river and was known as Margarita.


Diego Ruiz talks about his experience staying in a neighbour’s penthouse, a site where there is believed to have been a mysterious death.

He thinks that a ghost is chasing him, which he experienced when young.

Diego says his nan used to take him to school every morning. One morning, he saw the corpse of a man who had jumped from the penthouse.

Growing up in Mexico City, Diego and his father move into the penthouse, where he would experience night terrors and weird visions.

He often saw a smoke-like figure, which would continuously knock on the door when he was a child.


Emmanuel Cifuentes claims strange things have always happened to him.

When his parents separated, he moved in with his grandmother.

Although he was strictly told not to go out over Easter, he saw a giant dog which he thought was the devil.

The next day, he imagines a growling dog under his bed, and starts getting sick, getting random scratches and having strange visions.

After being told his father – who the episode is paying tribute to – is deathly ill, he sees one of his visions.

Today, Emmanuel continues to train under his grandmother and believes he should do good and fight against all evil.


Ivonne is Emmanuel’s grandmother.

She often told Emmanuel not to go outside as that’s when she believed the devil would be out dancing.

Ivonne is a gypsy descended from the Romani people, who often taught him rituals, and would conduct exorcisms.

She believes the trauma of the separation of his parents might be causing him to have these visions.



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