Netflix: Who is the Human The World Within narrator? Voice belongs to radio host!

Human: The World Within is launching on Netflix, where viewers may recognise the narrator’s voice from a certain radio show.

The documentary series will share science, as well as personal stories, to educate viewers about how the human body works.

Guiding those watching along the way will be a particular voice, demonstrating how we react, use our senses and defend ourselves.

So, who is the Human: The World Within narrator? Let’s put a name to the face, and find out all about the voice behind the screen.

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Who is Human: The World Within narrator?

  • Jad Abumrad

He is the voice that talks us through the science of the human body.

Viewers may recognise Jad’s voice from an American radio show.

He is a Lebanese-American radio host, composer, and producer.

The narrator is also the founder and co-host of the radio program Radiolab, with Latif Nasser and Lulu Miller, which also focuses on science often!

Meet the Human: The World Within narrator

Jad is currently a radio host at Everything Together Radio, on Apple Music.

In 2019, he created a popular nine-episode series on “Dolly Parton’s America”, based on the life and career of country music star Dolly Parton.

The 48-year-old is currently working on one of the public radio’s most popular shows today, Radiolab, which he created a spin-off series from.

In 2018, the narrator hosted the four-part podcast series “UnErased,” which tells the stories of survivors of gay conversion therapy.

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Jad Abumrad: Career and family

Jad is the son of a scientist and a doctor, and grew up in Tennessee.

He then began to study creative writing and music composition at Oberlin College in Ohio, before he started writing music for films.

He produced documentaries for local and national public radio programs, including On The MediaStudio 360 with Kurt AndersenMorning EditionAll Things Considered and WNYC’s 24 Hours at the Edge of Ground Zero.

Jad is now the executive producer and creator of podcast Radiolab’s More Perfect, a spin-off on stories behind the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2007, he married television producer Karla Murthy, who he met in college. The couple have two children, and live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.



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