Is Swamp People cancelled? Fan fear as season 12 comes to end!

Swamp People season 12 has come to an end, but fans are fearing for the future of the History show. Has the series been cancelled?

The series, which follows alligator hunters as they navigate through the Atchafalaya Basin for a living, has been airing since 2010.

Eleven years on, viewers who have continued to watch each season are speculating that Swamp People could be cancelled, or ending forever.

So, is Swamp People actually cancelled? Is there going to be a 13th season, and if so, when is the potential air date? We have the lowdown here.

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Swamp People: ‘Cancellation’ rumours

There have been some reports that the show could come to an end because of how long it has been airing.

While this is usually one of the main reasons why a series may stop airing, some have been featured on the show since the start, while others have left.

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Although of course, newbies have since joined, such as season 12’s Pickle.

The well-known cast members, such as Troy Landry, are getting older, which has led to speculation that the show may not go on without them.

Also, the show is known for being controversial, due to the dangerous nature of alligator hunting.

However, most of these rumours have not been confirmed. But as reported by History, Troy – known as King of The Swamp – can’t think about retiring until he can firm up the future of the Landry family business.

Is Swamp People cancelled?

  • No, there has not been no confirmation that Swamp People is cancelled

At the time of writing, Swamp People may have come to the end of its season, with a total of 15 episodes across the 12th series.

However, due to the popularity of the show, it is very unlikely that this means the overall show is coming to a complete end.

If the series was cancelled, it is likely that Sky History would have confirmed the news, but the network has not done this in any form.

Will there be a Swamp People season 13?

  • Season 13 of Swamp People has not yet been renewed

At the time of writing, History has not yet announced whether there will be a 13th season of Swamp People.

However, looking at its current popularity which has spanned over 12 seasons, it’s likely that it is set to return.

Each season usually airs for at least 11 episodes – season 4 showed as many as 24 – which spreads out across several months.

Season 12 began on February 4 2021, with a final episode on May 27.



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