Netflix: Isham Family Farm explored - where is the Six Stories Of True Love location?
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Netflix: Isham Family Farm explored - where is the Six Stories Of True Love location?

Isham Family Farm features on Netflix’s new series Six Stories Of True Love, as cameras follow the story of elderly couple David and Ginger.

Each couple involved, who have been together for between 43 and 60 years, had their everyday lives documented by filmmakers for around 12 months.

David and Ginger are one of six couples around the globe, who feature their own farm in the romantic reality series.

So, where is the Isham Family Farm? Let’s explore the Netflix location…

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Who are David and Ginger Isham?

David and Ginger are a married couple from Williston, United States.

Their relationship is the main focus throughout the first Netflix episode of My Love: Six Stories Of True Love.

David asked Ginger to marry him when she graduated high school, and had their wedding day in October 1959, when he was 24 and she was 19.

They have six children together, who Ginger often looked after while her husband worked at the farm.

The couple have now been married for 61 years!

Where is the Isham Family Farm?

  • Williston, Vermont, in the USA

The couple are first seen walking out of their home to the maple-sugar house at Isham Family Farm, which has ran in the family since 1871.

They are seen working through sugaring season in late winter through spring, summer, fall, and into the following winter.

Located just 3.5 miles off I-89, it has a fully restored 200-year-old, 30 x 100’ timber-frame barn and an all-new farmers market.

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Isham Family Farm: Explored

There’s plenty to do at the farm – including buying maple syrup, pick-your-own blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkins.

The farm allows visitors to walk through its corn maze and hiking trails.

If you are getting married any time soon, Isham Family Farm offers a spacious barn and wide landscape for a unique Vermont wedding venue.

It is currently run by David and Ginger’s son Mike Isham – who put them forward for the Netflix series – and his wife Helen.



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