Canine Intervention is the new dog training series which launched on Netflix today (Wednesday, February 24th). So, who is Jas Leverette?

Fronting the show is Jas, a dog trainer who works at California K9 Solutions to help owners fix their pet’s obedience and behavioural issues.

One of the dogs seen on Netflix’s Canine Intervention is a rebellious pit bull puppy, with Jas helping its owners to control his dominant energy.

So, who is dog trainer Jas Leverette? What else is there to know about him? Keep reading our article to find out the host’s background…

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Who is Jas Leverette?

Jas owns Cali K9, one of the top dog training facilities in California.

He is a Oakland dog trainer who is best known for correcting the most extreme behaviour issues.

The 37-year-old is thought to have a net worth of $400,000.

How much does Jas Leverette charge?

Jas’ dog training business offers a range of dog training packages.

The online training is the cheapest, at a cost of $297.

To get an on/off leash package, which includes eight semi-private or private sessions, agility training, and more, it costs $1,497.

For the advanced supreme package, with 12 out and about training sessions, 12 group obedience classes, and more, the price is $1,997.

If returning clients want a refresher session, they are asked to inquire about how much this would cost.

What else does Jas Leverette do?

He studied at the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in Atwater, and played football for Oakland Dynamites, as well as equestrian sports and wrestling.

The dog trainer is also thought to have trained horses in the past.

Jas, who launched Cali K9 in 2009, is married to Nouhaila Leverette, who he has a one-year-old son Jasir with.

They got married in July 2017, before heading to the Maldives for their honeymoon. It is thought that she enjoys rugby and horseriding.

So, when he’s not training dogs, it looks like he is enjoying the family life!



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