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Where is Jeanne from My 600-lb Life now? Before and after pics here!

Jeanne is revisited by TLC, several months after she first appeared on My 600-lb Life to share her weight loss journey. Where is she now?

She is one of several clients who have paid Dr. Now, a bariatric surgeon, for help on how they can lose weight and be approved for surgery.

It was all showcased on TLC in March 2020, and fans are able to catch a glimpse of Jeanne’s life, and see if she continued to follow a diet.

So, where is Jeanne now? Let’s look at her before and after pictures…

Screenshot: Jeanne Covey, My 600-lb Life, TLC Instagram

Who is Jeanne Covey?

Jeanne was introduced as a 39-year-old from Big Sandy, Texas.

Appearing on season 7 episode 11, she first weighed 702 pounds before she began to embark on her weight loss journey.

According to her mother, Barbara, Jeanne was five when she began stealing and eating unhealthy snacks from her abusive grandmother, as revenge.

Jeanne revealed that she was molested by her mother’s then-boyfriend, which was the reason behind why she turned to food for comfort.

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Jeanne Covey on My 600-lb Life

She was living in an unhygienic home with her nine dogs, and parents, and decided she wanted to gain control of her own life.

After six months, she struggled to cope with her mom Barbara’s health, who supported her while she made the journey to Texas to see Dr. Now.

During filming, Jeanne shockingly found out that her father had died.

She then later became the first cast member to quit Dr. Now’s program, without finishing the full year of the course.

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Where is Jeanne Covey now?

Jeanne has attempted to follow the healthy diet, and was seen weighing at 551 pounds in the follow-up episode.

She was told that she would have needed to be around 520 pounds to be halfway to her goal, which would also approve her for surgery.

However, Jeanne revealed she had lost 230 pounds since her first appearance on the show came to an end in December 2018.

During the show, Jeanne and her mom had nine dogs, but Barbara confirmed she had to have one of them put to sleep due to cancer.

The TLC star is now loved up with a new man, and claims that her mom is well, so things seem to be looking up for Jeanne.



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