Krystal is set to share her weight loss journey on TLC’s My 600-lb Life tonight (Wednesday, February 10th). So, where is she now?

Like several others who feature on My 600-lb Life, Krystal, who weighs more than 600 lbs, hopes to drop the pounds and improve her life.

She is on a journey to try and lose weight, which could eventually enable her to qualify for weight loss surgery.

So who is Krystal from My 600-lb Life? What happened next for her?

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Who is Krystal?

Krystal is a mum to son Josh and wife to her husband Freelin.

She revealed that her son doesn’t like to be seen with her in public, which is what hurts her the most.

Krystal weighs over 600 pounds, however she doesn’t usually need assistance to move around.

The star goes on a plane journey in the latest My 600-lb Life episode trailer, where she said she feels proud of herself for going out in public.

Krystal’s journey on My 600-lb Life

Her struggle with binge eating started following a traumatic childhood, which led her to end up weighing over 600 pounds.

She is also worried that her son will become like her, who is embarrassed about being seen with his mom in public.

Krystal’s husband Freelin is extremely supportive of his wife. However, she has admitted that she “won’t make it” if she doesn’t get weight loss surgery.

She has to make the decision of whether or not to leave her family behind and move to Texas, if she wants the surgery.

Krystal takes on Dr. Now’s weight loss and diet program, which she hopes pays off, as she says she “won’t have much of a life for long” if she doesn’t.

Where is Krystal Hall now?

Krystal lost enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery, however it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After all elective surgeries are cancelled as a result, she is put to the test of having to maintain her weight loss.

Looking at her Facebook profile, Krystal appears to have noticeably lost a significant amount of weight.

Both Krystal and Freelin are still happily married and living in Ohio, so whether she got the surgery or not, she doesn’t live in Texas now.

She is currently working as a cab driver as well as a DSP at Scioto Trails Group Homes, so she seems to be keeping busy!

Krystal and her son Josh seem to be happy and close, as she shared a picture of them both smiling together.

She has also grown her hair, which is now much longer.



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