Last Chance U: Basketball soundtrack - list of songs heard in Netflix series!

Last Chance U: Basketball is the latest new sports series to hit Netflix. While talented players shoot hoops, a certain soundtrack is heard…

The East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Huskies players work extremely hard, and it’s all been captured on camera for the Netflix series.

Balls are shot through hoops, players open up about their backstory, and head coach John Mosley shows us how it all works.

We have provided the complete Last Chance U: Basketball soundtrack below, so that our readers don’t have to figure out what each song is called.

Malik Muhammad (Center) in Last Chance U: Basketball. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Fans react to Last Chance U: Basketball music

The series may have only just came out, but Netflix fans didn’t take long to pick up on the soundtrack.

Whoever it was that picked the songs for Last Chance U: Basketball was highly praised on social media.

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It looks like the transitions between songs, plus the selection of timeless classics that were heard particularly impressed fans.

One viewer wrote: “New season of @LastChanceU has such an amazing soundtrack – so many classics.”

Another said: “Watching Last Chance U basketball series and from the jump I know how it feels to be on the wrong end of a bad call. This soundtrack so far is dope. #LastChanceUBasketball.”

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Last Chance U: Basketball song list

If you have already watched the entire new basketball series, it’s pretty clear that there are tons of different songs.

In total, we found there were 26 tracks in the playlist!

Here’s the complete Last Chance U: Basketball song list –

Last Chance U: Basketball music team

We had a look at the team behind the music on Last Chance U: Basketball.

According to the credits, the series’ music was provided by Joseph Minadeo and London-based composer Yuri Tomanek. The show’s music supervisor is Jon Ernst, while the music coordinator is Austin Wimbish.

These people behind the scenes have been hugely appreciated by viewers!

It is also possible that some other members of the production team were involved in the selection of the music.



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