Who is Liz on Swamp People? Here's why she previously left series!

Liz takes to the swamp region of Louisiana during its alligator season, as shown on History’s Swamp People. How old is she?

Known as Gator Queen Liz, she has returned for the 12th season of Swamp People, following her former decision to hang up her hooks.

Now that the season is getting well underway, Liz’s hunting talents are being showcased on each weekly episode.

So, why did Liz return after deciding to leave Swamp People? And how old is she? Let’s get to know the cast member who recently made a comeback.

Screenshot: Swamp People: Liz and Justin’s Bounty Gator (S6, E11) | History YouTube

Who is Liz Choate?

Elizabeth Choate, known as Gator Queen Liz, is a sharpshooter in the south.

She learned the trade by going on hunting trips with her father, but was not allowed to go anywhere near the alligators until she was at least 12.

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Liz even has a 7-foot long pet alligator of her own at home!

She initially was brought onto the show to help out Troy Landry’s team, to fill the space when Clint decided to take time off.

Quickly becoming one of the best sharpshooters, she is now one of the longest-serving hunters on Swamp People.

How old is Liz from Swamp People?

  • 51 years old

Liz, who grew up in Morgan City alongside a family of renowned hunters, now has three children of her own.

She was born on January 21, 1970, making her 51 at the time of writing.

Liz is married to Justin Choate, who she has two sons with, Destin and Desmond. She also has a daughter Jessica from a former marriage.

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Why did Liz leave Swamp People before?

  • Liz said her departure was due to “unknown reasons”

In 2015, Liz revealed that her departure was due to “unknown reasons by the production company ‘Original Media'”.

It is thought that they asked her to take her post down, with led to Liz later announcing on Facebook that she would not be removing it.

However, the History website revealed that the Swamp People star has been focusing on raising her kids.

But this year, she decided she couldn’t sit by and watch aggressive gators takeover the swamp, and joined for season 12.

She has returned to the bayou with her stepson, Destin, to fight back.

Due to unknown reasons by the production company "Original Media" my family and myself, along with other original cast…

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