Moonshiners: Season 11 release date explored - is it coming back in 2021?

Moonshiners delves into the careers of those who make illegally produced distilled beverages for a living. When is season 11 out?

The Discovery show is one of a kind, as it follows the continuation of the 1790s Whiskey Rebellion, introducing Moonshining legends from the U.S.

After the tenth season comes to a close, it didn’t take long for fans to start wondering when the next series is hitting our screens.

So, the question is, is season 11 coming to Discovery in 2021? How long can we expect to wait until the next series comes out?

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When did Moonshiners season 10 finish?

Moonshiners season 10 came to an end on April 6, 2021.

The season aired on our screens for a long time, from
November 24, 2020, giving us four months of episodes once a week.

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However, it looks like fans found the season 10 finale was “cut rapidly”, and were expecting a major storyline to leave them hanging.

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Fans wait for Moonshiners season 11

Having had Moonshiners on their screens for several months, it looks like many fans will be left with a hole in their hearts.

Looking on Twitter, it is clear to see the series will be missed until the next season airs, and that they aren’t used to going weeks without an episode.

One fan wrote: “Wish they had Moonshiners all year! #Moonshiners.”

Another said: “I reckon this season is staying on all year #Moonshiners.”

Moonshiners season 11: Release date

  • Although the show has not yet been renewed, rumour has it that Moonshiners could return this fall

But judging by previous seasons, we think it may be returning in December 2021, as they usually leave a year between each season.

The first episode of season 10 aired on November 24, while the first episode of season 9 renewed in November 2019 – a year before.

So, it seems likely that the cast members will get a rest before filming the upcoming season, which could air later this year.


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