My 600-lb Life: Where is Angie J now? Post-filming TLC updates!
Screenshot: Angie, My 600-lb Life, TLC Instagram

My 600-lb Life: Where is Angie J now? Post-filming TLC updates!

It has been almost two years since Angie J first appeared on My 600-lb Life, when she turned to Dr. Now for help. Where is she now?

The TLC series follows people who weigh at least 600 pounds, and have paid a visit to Dr. Nowzaradan with hopes that he can help them lose weight.

Angie J was one of his patients, who was first seen on My 600-lb Life in May 2019, and fans are starting to wonder what happened to her since then.

So, we explored what Angie J is up to now, and whether she continued to embark on a weight loss journey…

Screenshot: Angie, My 600-lb Life, TLC Instagram

Who is Angie J?

Angela Marie Dunham-Johns, known as “Angie J”, is from Ohio, USA.

Starting off at 643 pounds, Angie turned to Dr. Now for help, but didn’t appear to be listening to his recommendations.

She fought a drug addiction as a young adult, and is now known as one of the show’s most controversial people.

Angie J was 39 years old when she first made a show appearance, and was married to her husband Justin at the time.

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Angie J’s story on My 600-lb Life

Angie’s reliance on food came from a past of drugs and sexual abuse, which she admitted hasn’t been easy for her.

She lost 48 pounds during the series, with her weight loss also pausing when she reportedly used drugs and was kicked off Dr. Now’s program.

Towards the end of her first episode, she had not yet been approved for weight loss surgery, and was far from it.

Angie was suffering with stomach pain in her recent My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode, and was afraid it might be cancer.

Her final weight was 594 lbs, but she took this as a stepping stone to continue her weight loss journey.

Where is Angie J now?

Angie revealed that her husband had left her in Houston to care for herself.

She hasn’t had it easy since the show, as she claims her house was broken into the day before her relationship ended.

However, she claims she has been approved for weight loss surgery, and is was raising funds to help her continue her journey – which reached $248.

The fundraiser is no longer accepting donations, despite not hitting the $1,200 goal, but Angie regularly updates fans on her weight loss journey.

It’s clear to see that Angie has significantly lost more weight, which has also been confirmed by her weight loss surgery approval.

On Angie’s page, she reportedly shared some since-deleted pictures of her in hospital. This led fans to believe she may have had some sort of surgery.

Her recent appearance on the show also highlighted that she has a new man in her life called David.



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