Nicole is amongst several stars who appear on My 600-lb Life, as she aimed to lose enough weight for bariatric surgery. Where is she now?

The TLC series captures the reality of what it’s like to weigh over 600 pounds, as the lives of obese people are followed on-screen.

Viewers are keen to know where Nicole Lewis is now, who starred on episode 9 of The 600-lb Life season 5.

Let’s catch up with the star – what happened next for Nicole?

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Who is Nicole Lewis?

Nicole is a mum-of-two, who was 23 when starring on My 600-lb Life.

From Ohio, she claimed she was raised by parents who were drug addicts.

When she was a teenager, she weighed more than 200 lbs, with her food intake increasing when her parent’s addictions got worse.

She reached 700 lbs in one instance, and could not fit in the bathroom.

Nicole’s journey on My 600-lb Life

Nicole was seen having to rely on her mum to help look after her children, but admitted that she hated having to do that.

She travelled to meet Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas, with hopes for him to change her life and start to lose weight.

Her main goal was to make sure her children would not have to grow up without a mom, and wanted to change her eating habits.

During her appearance on My 600-lb Life, Nicole was evicted from her home, meaning she had to return to her hometown, away from Dr. Now.

He put her on a new diet and exercise plan to follow, with the plan for Nicole to hopefully lose enough weight for surgery.

Where is Nicole Lewis now?

Nicole lost enough pounds to qualify for weight loss surgery, losing 163 lbs.

She is now looking after her two children with her fiance Charlie.

Following the show, The 600-Lb Life star attempted to get back into employment after years of being held back due to her weight.

She is currently a promoter at Majik Ninja Entertainment.

Looking at her Facebook pictures, it’s clear that Nicole has kept her weight down, and looks dramatically different to when she first went on the show.



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