Netflix: Who is Nancy Ascher? The Surgeon's Cut doctor was first woman to perform liver transplant!

When it comes to liver transplants, Nancy Ascher has made history. And now she’s starring on Netflix’s The Surgeon’s Cut – let’s meet her!

She is one of four medical professionals who share their ground-breaking stories on the new series.

Nancy stars in the third episode of the 4-part series, where she tells her story of becoming the first woman ever to perform a liver transplant.

So who is Nancy Ascher? How did she get to her career position?

The Surgeon’s Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Surgeon’s Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Nancy Ascher?

Nancy is a organ transplant surgeon and professor in transplantation.

She is the first woman to perform a liver transplant and is now reportedly ranked as one of the nation’s top doctors.

The Netflix star received the Holly Smith Award for Exceptional Service for 2020 from her place of work UCSF Medicine (Department of Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco).

She is a mum to daughter Becky Roberts Ascher and son Ascher Roberts.

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Nancy Ascher: Career and background

The Surgeon’s Cut doctor completed her undergraduate and medical education at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

She then went on to complete a general surgery residency and clinical transplantation fellowship at the University of Minnesota. 

Nancy joined the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota in 1982 and was named Clinical Director of its Liver Transplant Program.

She was recruited in 1988 by the UCSF Department of Surgery to build a liver transplantation program, along with now-husband John Roberts.

Then in 1991, she was appointed Chief of Transplantation, a role that included liver, kidney and pancreas transplants.

Nancy Ascher on The Surgeon’s Cut

Nancy reveals that she was inspired to go into her chosen career by horror films, feminism and an intellectually rigorous family.

She says that she had to do the things she was most scared of to overcome her fears – and this came from watching horror films during her childhood!

The Surgeon’s Cut doctor also went into labour while she was operating, for not just one pregnancy, but two.

She also shares the emotional story of losing her sister Sheila, who died three years after Nancy performed a live kidney transplant on her.



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