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Netflix in hilarious Enter the Anime presenter mix-up: Tania Nolan vs Alex Burunova!

Enter the Anime is one of the latest documentaries to drop on Netflix this summer and casts its gaze over the wacky and wild world of anime.

The documentary follows filmmaker Alex Burunova’s journey to become a master of the genre, knowing its ins and outs like the back of her hand. But that is not a simple feat and sees Alex travel all the way to Japan to get to the heart of anime and its meaning.

But just who is Tania Nolan and why does everyone think she is the presenter of the series?

We’ve done some digging into what’s gone down and why everyone thinks actress Tania Nolan is the documentary’s presenter.

Screenshot: Enter the Anime – Netflix

Who is Tania Nolan?

Tania Nolan is a 35-year-old actress from New Zealand.

She is best known for her roles as Isobel Jones in the Kiwi TV series The Hothouse and as Angelina Caulfield in the dramedy series Go Girls. Tania has also starred in Home and Away.

You can follow Tania on Instagram @tanianolan_ to keep up to date with her work as an actress and acting coach.

What has confused viewers when watching Enter the Anime is that Tania Nolan is the narrator whereas Alex Burunova is the presenter of the documentary. It’s Alex’s face but Tania’s voice!

Meet Enter the Anime’s real presenter

The confusion stems from Netflix themselves, as the original description of the documentary says: “Seeking to understand anime, Tania Nolan interviews filmmakers behind notable productions from ‘Castlevania’ to ‘Aggretsuko,’ ‘Kengan Ashura’ and more”.

Alex Burunova is a 29-year-old writer, director, world-traveller and producer born in the Soviet Union.

She is a USC film school graduate who has been named as “one to watch” by many.

Her short films have been showcased at over sixty festivals, including Oscar-qualifying Los Angeles SFF, Palm Springs SF, Cannes Short Film Corner and Newport Beach FF.

If you’re still not convinced that Alex is the face of the film, then check out her Instagram @alexburunova where she posts all about her Enter the Anime work.

What other films has Alex Burunova made?

Apart from Enter the Anime, one of Alex Burunova’s major successes was her award-winning short Lonely Planet in 2017.

Other short films Alex has made include 2009’s Passed Over and 2016’s Pale Blue.

Alex is currently preparing to shoot her first-ever narrative feature film set in Greece.




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