Netflix: Who is the History 101 narrator? Get to know Natalie Silverman!

Netflix’s new E-Learning show, History 101, may have only just been released but viewers are wondering who the shows soft-speaking narrator is?

In any explainer or E-Learning show, the narrator is vital for keeping viewers engaged and switched on. It can be the difference between a viewer learning something new and sending them to sleep.

However, it sounds like Netflix hit the nail on the head with their voice-over artist in the new History 101 series, Natalie Silverman.

“The show needed a funky, modern but authoritative voice, and Natalie certainly fit the bill!” – Gabriella James, Junior Production Manager, ITN Productions

She describes herself as having a “warm and friendly” tone with a “natural, credible, friendly, relatable” style, but who is she?

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Natalie Silverman: Previous voice-over work

Silverman is an experienced voice-over artist that works out of Manchester, England with voice credits in television, radio, corporate advertisement and E-Learning.

UK viewers may recognise her voice from Mastercard, LinkedIn, Marks and Spencer, Superdrug, Next and The Body Shop commercials.

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However, she has also been the voice for companies such as Bose, National Express, Asda, HMV and M&M

As well as my voiceover work, I’ve pursued a successful career as a commercial radio presenter, working around the UK at all times of day and night…Where the 4.30am starts were good training ahead of becoming a mum in 2015! – Natalie Silverman.

Natalie Silverman: E-Learning and Podcast

In addition to her work on television and radio, Silverman has featured as part of several successful eLearning campaigns. This work has earned her a nomination for the ‘Best E-Learning voiceover’ in the 2019 One Voice Awards and the ‘Best Female Voiceover’ performance at the 2019 Vox Awards.

In 2015, she also launched The Fertility Podcast which has had more than 300,000 downloads and been listened to in over 90 different countries.

The goal of the podcast is “support, information and peace of mind on your journey to start or complete your family” which has been of comfort to new mums across the world.

I’m a former patient and whilst I’m not a fertility expert I have met lot of them over the last five years making this podcast. I’ve built a brilliant network of people I can call upon for advice and evidence-based information to share with you — says Silverman.

Natalie Silverman: Social media

You can book work with Natalie Silverman for voice-overs through her website.

You can also find her on Instagram @nataliesilvermanvoice and on Twitter @NatSilvermanVO.

Natalie narrates the new series History 101 which is available right now on Netflix.

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