If there’s one genre in particular that Netflix has mastered, it’s documentary series. The past few years have seen the streaming giant have hit after hit with the likes of Making a MurdererLast Chance U, and more recently Tiger King. 

Given its status as the world’s most popular streaming network, it’s hardly a surprise that the biggest names in the music industry have flocked to Netflix to tell their story. Over the past three years alone, Netflix has made docuseries with the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Now, Netflix is telling the story of one of the most popular Latin Trap and Reggaeton artists around: Nicky Jam.

Nicky Jam: El Ganador is a bio-series that focusses on Nicky’s life from childhood in Puerto Rico to his career as an international music sensation.

In the series, we get to find out more about Nicky Jam and his family life, including meeting his siblings. Find out everything you need to know about Nicky’s sister Stephanie here.

Who is Nicky Jam’s sister?

Nicky’s sister is called Stephanie Rivera Caminero. She, like her famous brother, was born in Boston, Massachusetts and then moved to Puerto Rico for the majority of her childhood and teenage years.

Stephanie is born on June 10th, which makes her a Gemini.

Nicky and Stephanie moved to Barrio Obrero, Puerto Rico with their father José Rivera. This followed José’s divorce from their mother, Ysabel Caminero Madera. Ysabel is Dominican.

Not much is known about Stephanie Rivera Caminero besides what we are shown in the series.

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Does Stephanie Rivera have Instagram?

Yes. We found Nicky Jam’s sister on Instagram under the handle @stephanieriveracaminero.

Her account is private, however as she has over 33,000 followers, we can assume that Stephanie approves of follow requests.


Stephanie’s Instagram picture is of her and Nicky, but you can catch plenty of pictures of the siblings together on their mother’s Instagram.

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Who plays Nicky’s sister in El Ganador?

Stephanie Rivera Caminero is played by 24-year-old actress Leli Hernandez. Leli was born in Miami, Florida on on June 15th, 1995.

Leli has largely starred in short films and TV mini-series, but following her appearance in Nicky Jam: El Ganador there could be good things on the way for Leli.

You can find her on Instagram, where already she has over 1,000,000 followers, under the handle @lelihernandez.




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