Netflix: Who is Stephen Satterfield on High On The Hog? Wife and net worth explored!

Stephen Satterfield is the host of new Netflix series High On The Hog, as he explores how African-American cuisine transformed the U.S.

Based on the award-winning book by Jessica B. Harris, chef and writer Stephen travels from Africa to Texas to try out their food.

The four-episode docuseries highlights how African-American food has become a foundation for American culture, as explored by Stephen.

So, who is Stephen Satterfield? When he’s not busy starring on docuseries such as this one, what does he do? We explored his net worth and love life.

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High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America | Official Trailer | Netflix

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Stephen Satterfield?

Stephen is a writer, producer and magazine owner.

He is known as the founder of Whetstone Magazine and Whetstone Media.

Since 2007, Stephen has spent his career using food to educate people, which is likely to be why he became the host of High on the Hog.

He was a sommelier and entrepreneur, when he used wine as a catalyst for socioeconomic development for Black wine workers in South Africa.

Stephen is thought to be among the most prominent and respected voices in American food media.

Does Stephen Satterfield have a wife?

  • It is not known if Stephen is married, but he is in a relationship

Stephen has shared a recent photos with a woman called Gabriella Oviedo.

He seems to keep his love life private, but has spoken in Spanish in the caption under a photo of them together, suggesting she is from Spain.

Looking at Gabriella’s Instagram, they have often been spending time together, from sunbathing to having picnics, since around mid-2020.

Neither of them appear to be wearing engagement or marriage rings.

Stephen recently helped edit Gabriella’s book, which focused on her personal story with fertility and depression.

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Stephen Satterfield: Net worth 2021

  • Stephen’s net worth is currently $100,000

He is thought to have accumulated most of his worth from owning a food magazine, and through his work as a food writer.

Stephen’s net worth is likely to increase in future, especially now that he is starring on the Netflix series, which could lead to more opportunities.

The successful business owner has gone from working in restaurants in 2010, to becoming an entrepreneur over the last ten years.



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