Deadliest Catch: What is Stormee Campbell's heart condition?

Scott Campbell Jr‘s daughter Stormee is often mentioned on Deadliest Catch. It was recently revealed that she has a heart condition.

The Discovery series follows fishermen, including Scott, as they try to catch crab while braving the dangerous Bering Sea.

When he’s not busy during the Alaskan king crab and snow crab fishing seasons, Scott spends time with his family, including his daughter Stormee.

So, who is Stormee and what is her heart condition? Keep reading to find out all about one of Scott’s daughters.

Screenshot: Scott Campbell Jr, Rivalry Renewed: The Wizard vs the Seabrooke | Deadliest Catch, Discovery YouTube

Who is Stormee Campbell?

Stormee is one of two daughters under Scott, alongside Trinidy.

She is a mom to Rainee, who is Scott and his wife Lisa’s granddaughter.

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Scott’s daughter currently lives in Meridian, Idaho, and was formerly a student at Walla Walla High School, which she graduated from in 2013.

Alongside Rainee, Stormee has several dogs to look after.

It’s not just at home but also in the work place that she is surrounded by pups, as she works as a pet groomer at her own firm Grooming by Storm.

What is Stormee Campbell’s heart condition?

  • Stormee’s exact heart condition has not been revealed, but we do know that she was having heart problems during filming

Stormee’s heart condition was revealed when Scott’s wife Lisa had joined the boat, before receiving a phone call about their daughter’s health.

It was revealed that Stormee was “having heart problems”, which led to the boat staff having one less member on board.

Since then, it looks like Stormee’s health is back on track, as she recently shared pictures of her with Rainee, where she appears to be well.

As season 17 of Deadliest Catch was filmed in winter 2020, her health may have taken a decline back then where she required help.

But fans will be happy to know that since then, she has been sledding in the snow, spent time with her Frenchies, and taken a selfie or two.

Fans react to Scott caring for Stormee

Viewers began to share their opinions on Twitter, after Scott decided to leave his job on the sea to return home and care for Stormee.

Scott and his wife Lisa decided that the best decision was to look after her. But several fans thought that only Stormee’s mother should have returned.

One fan said: “Do they both need to go home to take care of their daughter?

“My father wouldn’t leave a job when my step-mum could come & take care of us. She’s not dying, right? (Yes, I’m heartless, but practical.)”

Another viewer responded and said: “Exactly. Send his wife home and he stays up on the Bering Sea and finishes the season.

“His wife should be more than capable of helping Stormy. #DeadliestCatch.”



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