The brand new Netflix series Street Food takes viewers on a global journey to discover the world’s street food.

The first series was filmed all around Asia in locations such as Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

But whereabouts in the Philippines was Street Food filmed? And what food was discovered? Here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix series.

Street Food, Netflix
Street Food, Netflix

Where in the Philippines is Street Food filmed?

The nine-part documentary series is filmed all across Asia,

One episode of Street Food on Netflix takes place in the Philippines.

The episode was filmed in the province of Cebu.

Street Food, Asia
Street Food, Netflix

Where is Cebu in the Philippines?

Cebu is a province of the Philippines.

Cebu is one of the most developed areas of the Philippines, and its metropolitan district is the second largest metropolitan area in the country.

The population of Cebu stands at around 2.9 million.

What food in Cebu is explored?

One street food dish shown is stew known as Nilarang Bakasi. The stew is made using reef eel, however, it can be made using many different types of fish.

Another dish featured on the Netflix series is Tuslob-Buwa, a think gravy made with onions, garlic and pigs brains. This street food dish has been eaten in the Philippines for centuries.

One popular Cebu street food dish is Lumpia, which are essentially the same as Chinese spring rolls. The dish became popular after the Chinese introduced the Wok.

Street Food, Netflix
Street Food, Netflix

Where else was Street Food filmed?

The first chapter of Street Food takes place in Asia.

Each episode of the series is filmed in a different Asian city or region.

In addition to Cebu, the show also takes place in Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.


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