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The Last Dance: Kenny Lattimore reveals Jordan’s mystery song from episode 10!

The Last Dance is one of the best sports documentaries of recent memory. Now, Kenny Lattimore has revealed what the mystery song was that Michael Jordan was jamming to in episode 10.

The Last Dance has been praised as one of the best sports documentaries produced in the last few years. The 2020 series focuses on the career of Michael Jordan, with particular emphasis on his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

The series has received widespread approval from fans and critics alike, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 97% with an average review of 8.61 out of 10. The final 9th and 10th episodes were released on Netflix yesterday (Sunday 17th). However, fans are curious about one particular scene in the finale.

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The Last Dance on Netflix

The Last Dance is an American sports documentary miniseries co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix.

Among the stories, behind the scenes footage and nostalgic highlights from the season, the series showcases the very best of Jordan.

We get to really know the legendary athlete, but one mystery has had fans stumped.

In episode 10, we see Jordan jamming to a song which he claims to be “brand new”, but what tune is the NBA Hall-of-Famer listening to?

What song was Jordan listening to in episode 10?

Early in episode 10 of ‘The Last Dance’, we see Jordan jamming to Kenny Lattimore in the back of the Chicago Bulls bus.

Mid-dance, Michael exclaims to the camera that what he is listening to is “Brand new! Not even out yet!”

Kenny recently took to Twitter to reveal that Jordan was listening to the unreleased song ‘Days Like This’. In fact, Jordan had the entire ‘From the Soul of Man’ album four months before anyone else.

Other classic tunes from the album include Trial Separation If I lose My Woman and Destiny.

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Michael Jordan’s hate of rap music

Whilst most of us will associate Jordan with hip hop and rap, it turns out that the legendary athlete hated the rap genre, with one exception.

Popular rapper N.O.R.E. once told a story about overhearing Jordan at the Def Jam Christmas Party.

N.O.R.E claims, “Jordan is a hater of hip hop. He only likes Hov (Jay-Z). That’s it. It’s Hov and that’s it.”

“I’ve seen him shut Redman down. I’ve seen him shut down Redman at a Def Jam Christmas Party. We were all sitting there waiting to speak to Michael Jordan, and I said ‘yo Redman and Method Man are here’ and he said ‘F— rap.’ I seen (him) say that.”

“That s— hurt me, dawg.”

All 10 episodes of The Last Dance are available on Netflix for you to watch right now.

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