The brilliant ‘Borders’ series has been cancelled by Vox, but why was the series axed so abruptly and especially with season 5 already in production?

There is no shortage of great content on YouTube, but there are very few series that had the same production and educational value as Vox Borders.

The series started by telling stories of individuals and societies living on or around some of the most fascinating borders in the world.

However, over its four fantastic seasons, it grew into a show that brought awareness to a range of social issues and showcased both landscapes and communities that most of us would have never otherwise known about.

Unfortunately, fans of the series have been left devastated by news that this particular border has recently been shut by Vox.

Has Vox Borders been cancelled?

  • Yes, according to the creator of the series Johnny Harris, Vox Borders has been cancelled and season 5 will not air.

Johnny Harris, creator and star of Vox Borders, announced yesterday (September 14th) on his YouTube channel that the series and season 5 ‘Vox Borders USA’ has been cancelled.

This is devastating news for the millions of viewers like myself who loved the series for what it was; an educational, stylish and well-presented documentary series that broadened your horizons whilst keeping you entertained.

“It [Vox Borders season 1] was a whirlwind of experiences and a masterclass in how to tell stories and represent people and represent big issues around the world.” – Johnny Harris, via YouTube.

Why was Vox Borders cancelled?

Whilst the announcement video suggests that the series was cancelled because of the ongoing public health and social issues in America, a definitive reason was not given.

In his video, Harris revealed that “the fifth season of Borders was in production and in fact, we shot most of it and developed it.”

However, the upcoming season that focused on the United States was “in production at a time when everything kind of started to change” – with the video displaying images of both the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement.


Harris then goes onto say that he “understands the reasoning” for why this decision surrounding the future of Vox Borders had to be made, but he never specifically indicated a reason for why exactly the series was cancelled.

The most likely explanation is budgeting, with Vox potentially choosing to cancel the series because it wasn’t a financially viable option going forward. Whilst each season of Vox Borders was getting larger in terms of production, it’s still a massive shame the future of such a fantastic series can be decided based on resources.

Could Vox Borders be renewed again?

Whilst nothing has been confirmed, we think it is highly likely that some iteration of Vox Borders could return in the future.

If the reason behind the cancellation is money, then it means when the strain on financial resources becomes lessened, Vox may decide to renew the series once again. Alternatively, when the social and public health issues start to conclude, the fifth season on the United States may be able to air.

However, it is most likely that content similar to Vox Borders will be produced on Johnny Harris’ YouTube channel. As the storyteller explains: “I’m going to keep making YouTube videos, I’m now like official a full-on YouTuber. This will really start to take a lot more priority in my life.”

So, if Vox won’t bring back the Borders series within an official capacity, the best place that we will get anything similar will be on Harris’ YouTube channel, link here. We will bring you updates on the future of Vox Borders if more official information is revealed by either Vox or Johnny Harris.

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