Breaking Dad aired its first series in 2019, featuring dad and son duo, Bradley and Barney Walsh.

The 2019 show took the duo off to America to star in a four-part series, where Barney takes his dad over to the USA for a travel series with a twist. While Bradley is hoping for a relaxing holiday his son makes him take part in a number of challenges, some even as dangerous as diving with sharks!

As the first season of the show was so popular, a second series launches at the very start of 2020. The first episode aired on January 8th 2020 with episode 2 clocking in today (January 15th 2020) at 8 pm on ITV.

What does Barney Walsh do?

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Who is Barney Walsh?

Barney Walsh is the son of The Chase host Bradley Walsh and former dancer Donna Derby. He has an older sister called Hayley Walsh.

Barney is 23 years old and attended school at Francis Combe Academy in Hertfordshire. The Breaking Dad star is also a talented musician and shares videos of him playing the Piano.

What does Barney Walsh do for a living?

Barney Walsh is an actor, who has featured in some awesome screenplays such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and TV shows Doctors and Law & Order (series 7).

The 23-year-old is just like his dad, who was an actor for many years in shows such as Coronation Street and Dr Who before becoming the presenter of hit ITV show The Chase.

Barney has also followed in his dad’s footsteps of bossing the presenter life, hosting Miss World 2018 and Tonight at the London Palladium.


Does he have Instagram?

What 23-year-old doesn’t have Instagram? Barney has managed to account for 55,000 followers on his account which can be found over at @barneywalsh.

Here, you can find numerous video clips from Breaking Dad as well as plenty of family pictures. We can’t wait to see what is in store for this father and son duo!



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