What happened to Josh on Moonshiners? Fans question why he was absent

Moonshiners captures the livelihoods of the illegal spirit trade, and it’s all seen on the Discovery channel. But what happened to Josh?

A dozen working men who make moonshine – an illegally produced distilled beverage – have appeared on the series, including Josh Owens.

Recently, fans have noticed that he has been absent from the tenth season of Moonshiners, leading them to question what happened to him.

So, here’s what really happened to Josh – and why he hasn’t been showing his face as often on the Discovery series.

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Who is Josh on Moonshiners?

Josh is a TV personality, moonshiner, lumberjack, and bike racer.

He also describes himself as an “all around madman”, and splits his time between South and North Carolina.

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Long before he became a moonshiner, Josh had a career as a professional superbike and motocross racer.

Josh has done a 142 mph wheelie for over five miles, kayaked 18 miles into the ocean, and was 2003/2004 Motox Points Champ.

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What happened to Josh on Moonshiners?

  • Josh appears to be in trouble, with some fans thinking he got turned in

Although there is no confirmation about why Josh was getting less air time at his new site on Moonshiners, the upcoming clip suggests he got caught.

Due to the illegal making of the spirit, it’s a risky business that Josh and his co-stars are in, and several fans believe it often goes wrong for him.

Some viewers predicted he would “burn a building down”, while others asked if he ever verifies who owns a property before setting up shop inside.

In late 2018, Josh tore his rotator cuff, broke his left collarbone shoulder blade and nearly all of his ribs, after his vintage motorcycle blew a tire.

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Fans react to Josh Owens on Moonshiners

Now that Josh seems to be getting more air time than at the beginning of season 10, viewers seem to be disappointed about the upcoming clip.

Many have voiced their frustration at Josh getting into trouble again.

One viewer said the Moonshiners star needs a new site every year, due to the possible effects of Josh making moonshine inside.

Several years ago, while delivering $22,500 of moonshine, his own bike and some other property, Josh’s truck once went up in smoke.



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