Deadliest Catch: What happened to the Summer Bay? Bo loses power!

Deadliest Catch is never short of dangerous risks, including the show’s featured boat Summer Bay, after it loses power while at sea.

Those who regularly watch the Discovery+ series will already know that the fishermen are putting themselves at risk, in a bid to catch crab for a living.

In tonight’s episode (May 11, 2021), a preview clip has showcased the crew and captain trying to get the Summer Bay boat’s generators to work.

So, what actually happened to the Summer Bay in season 17? And where is the boat following the series? We have an update below.

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What happened to the Summer Bay?

  • The Summer Bay lost power whilst in the middle of the ocean

Panic struck when the boat’s lights turned off, leaving them with no power during the middle of the night – and in the ocean.

Owner Bill Wichrowski is seen demanding his crew to get power back onto the boat, before they managed to get one of the generators to work.

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The crew onboard were left trying to figure out what happened to the other generator, as the boat was then being run on only one of them.

If the generator they got working stopped functioning, it would mean they would no longer have control of the boat if they lost power again.

Deadliest Catch: Fans react to incident

The Summer Bay hasn’t had the most successful track record when the crew are out at sea, including one serious incident a few years ago.

In Season 14, Bill and his crew was tested when deckhand Spencer Moore almost died twice, including when he went overboard into the Bering Sea.

During season 17, the Summer Bay loses power, which has not surprised the majority of viewers who reacted to the incident on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “Yeah that’s not scripted at all, nope, the camera just happened to be centred and got the shot, yeah ok sure.

“This show has gone down the toilet and should have been cancelled many seasons ago. It’s run its course.”

Where is the Summer Bay now?

  • The Summer Bay is currently not out at sea, according to Bill

Boat owner Bill Wichrowski revealed that he was “putting this girl away”, under a picture while out at sea, adding that he will “miss her eventually”.

He went on to say in the photo comments that he is having down time, which led some fans to question if he is retiring. Bill confirmed he is not.

The boat being put away confirms a source’s claims that the Summer Bay was in ice off St. Matthews, while Bill and the crew take a vacation.

Bill Wichrowski recently told an Instagram follower that he is planning to visit the Tarpon Hot Spot, on the Sebastian River.

It’s likely he will be travelling to the location on the Summer Bay, which he owns, but he could make the journey through another method of transport.



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