What happened to Troy Landry as rumors of Swamp People star circulate?

What happened to Troy Landry as rumors of Swamp People star circulate?

Swamp People’s Troy Landry has just come out of surgery following a prostate cancer diagnosis. Fans are now wondering what happened to him after worrying rumors but his son Jacob has updated fans on his father’s health.

False death rumors about Troy have been circulating online but the man himself has confirmed to viewers he’s at home “doing much better” and has thanked everyone for their kind prayers following his diagnosis.

So what happened to Troy and how have fans reacted to the news? We’ve got the debunked rumors below and explore what condition the TV star is in following surgery.

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What happened to Troy Landry?

Troy was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He recently underwent surgery to have his prostate removed and is now back home in recovery feeling “much, much better.” Doctors got “everything out” and he is getting better each day.

The alligator hunter hopes to recover in time for gator season. Several fans thought Troy had died following his diagnosis because of internet rumors but this is not the case. He told fans: “Thank y’all for the continued prayers!”

Troy added to his Facebook comment: “I’m doing much better!” In recovery, he has been driving around his property with his grandson and continues to work on the lake.

Fans send well-wishes to Troy

After hearing about Troy’s post-surgery update from Jacob, fans were over the moon to hear about his recovery.

A Swamp People viewer wrote to Troy on Facebook: “Thank God you are doing better. This world would be heartbroken if something happened to you. Keep getting stronger.”

Another penned: “Had to have the same surgery for prostate cancer, been cancer-free for 17 years. Wishing the best for Troy. I’m sure he’ll be fine and will love the new boat you’re rigging up for him Jacob! Take care Swamp People!”

Jacob confirms Swamp People season 14

Jacob Landry confirmed they had the green light for Swamp People season 14. He hopes Troy will have recovered in time to film the season as the family is keen to “do another year.”

He said the show being renewed was “crazy.” History has yet to announce an upcoming season but Jacob is building his father a new boat so they can go swamping in style.

However, Jacob revealed the new season would air around January and February 2023. On August 15 he posted that the fishing crew only had two weeks until they “get to go hunting again,” tagging the Swamp People line-up.

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