Matt Brown previously appeared on Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People, until he suddenly left the docu-reality show several seasons ago.

Now that season 13 is getting well underway, which follows the Brown family‘s journey after the death of Billy Brown, fans wonder where Matt is.

With many concerned for his health, several are also keeping their fingers crossed that the former Alaskan Bush People star may turn up this season.

We looked into where Matt is today, why he left the show before, and what his net worth is since making his departure.

Why did Matt leave Alaskan Bush?

Matt, the eldest son on Alaskan Bush, was reportedly cut from the show.

During season eight, he left to attend rehabilitation for his ongoing battle against drug and alcohol addiction.

His parents Billy and Ami had “threatened” to fire the now-38-year-old from the show if he does not focus on getting sober.

A source close to the Brown family told Radar Online in January 2019 that he “entered treatment at Betty Ford in Palm Springs area secretly right after New Years” that year.

The source added: “He was on a bender and took action to save his life.”

Where is Matt Brown now?

Matt previously shared that he officially cut ties with the rest of the Browns.

Since his exit, Matt claimed that production pitched the show to Discovery with a false perception of how the family actually lived their lives.

They allegedly left out that the family had a generator, television, and used electricity occasionally.

He now often updates his Instagram page, with a recent project involving building a sled to use when going up the mountain in winter.

Matt celebrated one year sober on March 21, 2021, sharing a video on Instagram captioned: “Face your fears it will be OK. I love you.”

He is now thought to be living alone in the Golden State.

Matthew Brown: Net worth in 2021

Matthew does not currently have much of a net worth. When he was reportedly cut from the show, so was his pay check.

He claimed in an Instagram video posted on April 11, 2021, that he does not have any money, along with “hardly anything to eat”.

Matt alleged: “We made a lot of money off the show, and because my dad controlled everything, all the money went to him.”

He went on to say that the family kept over $300,000 from him, but this is unconfirmed by the Browns themselves.



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