Who are the Roach family from Life Below Zero?

Life Below Zero is a documentary on National Geographic which follows the lives of those living in Alaska and provides viewers with an insight into the techniques they use to survive in the below-zero conditions.

Each season we lose familiar faces, but also gain some new ones…

A new family is joining the cast this season, known as the Roach family!

But who is the Roach family? In this article, we will explore who’s amongst this family, and what they do to survive in Alaska.

Who are the Roach family?

The Roach family are a family of 5, Chevie Roach (37), his wife Sonta Hamilton (34), and their three children Emery (5), Ryder (7), and Sydney (9).

Both Chevie and Sonta are involved in the local community in Alaska, as Sonta is a schoolteacher and Chevie is the mayor!

Chevie also owns and runs a store named ‘The Flyaway’, which he built himself.

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The couple were both born and raised in Alaska, so they decided to bring up their own children in this lifestyle too!

They are one of many who are currently living in and embracing Alaska!

The family does not have social media, so we can’t give you a sneak peek of their lives, you’ll have to watch the show instead!

What do the Roach family survive off?

The Roach family will hunt and live off of different animals as the seasons change…

In June and July, they hunt for a variety of fish such as king and dog salmon, and whitefish.

When August comes, they then fish for fall chum and silver salmon.

Then, in autumn, they move from fish to black bears, ducks, geese, and moose.

In winter, beaver, fox, lynx, wolves, wolverine, mink, otter, and martin.

And finally, in spring, they will hunt for ducks, mallards, geese, and black bears.

Life Below Zero trailer

Of course, National Geographic had to give us a teaser of what to expect this season…

Check out the trailer for the latest season of Life Below Zero below!



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