Who are Tony Beets' grandchildren and kids, and how many are there?

Who are Tony Beets' grandchildren and kids, and how many are there?

Tony Beets is best known as a cast member who goes hunting for expensive gold, but he also focuses on his kids and grandchildren.

Often on the search for some expensive gold, Tony has returned to the series with a goal to mine 9,000 ounces – which is worth $16 million today.

When he isn’t busy in the Indian Wells and Paradise Hill mine, fans are aware that Tony often spends his down time with family.

This leaves fans wondering who his grandchildren and kids are, and how many of them he may stand as a role model to.

How many kids does Tony have?

Tony Beets has four children, the youngest being born in 1990. Both him and his wife Minnie also had a fifth child Jasmine, who passed away.

Jasmine died three months after being born on March 1, 1993. To pay tribute to her, Tony got a jasmine tattoo on his hands.

Tony is thought to have two grandchildren, one boy and one girl.

Tony Beets: Meet his children

Tony’s children – who are all with wife Minnie – are daughters Monica and Bianca, and sons Michael and Kevin.

Kevin, a mechanic, was born in 1988 and is a member of the Beets Crew.

He was first shown on season 5, aged 26, working at the Paradise Hill claim and disassembling the Beets bacon strip machine 1 at Clear Creek.

When Monica first appeared on TV, she was just 10 or 11 years old, and is now 28 years old in 2021. While her brother Michael was born in 1990.

Michael works as a supervisor at the Paradise Hill claim, and spends his spare time as a medieval recreationist.

Tony’s daughter Bianca, who is thought to be in her thirties, is not involved in the gold mining business.

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Tony Beets’ grandchildren

Tony has a grandson called Eagan, who he has taken to the gold mining site.

He also has a newborn granddaughter, who is Monica’s child. During season 11, she revealed that she is pregnant and expecting a girl.

The miner took Eagen to the worksite in his car, where he told Eagan that he may become a gold miner in the future.

He is the son of Tony Beets’ daughter Bianca. He told Eagan:

In the future, maybe your brothers will show up. We’ll have a whole crew of grandkids, for god’s sake.



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