Who is Amber Hilberling of the Women Who Kill doc? Is she still in prison now?

Who is Amber Hilberling of the Women Who Kill doc? Is she still in prison now?

Women Who Kill explores the lives of some of the 30,000 women charged with murder who are currently living in the American prison system.

It has a particular focus on the women who murder close family members or partners.

The documentary looks extensively into the case of Amber Hilberling over the two episodes.

Here’s what we know about Amber and her case.

Amber Hilberling in Women Who Kill, episode 1.

Who is Amber Hilberling?

Amber Hilberling was 19 and pregnant when her husband fell 17 floors to his death through a window in 2011.

Amber was arrested one day later but was not tried and charged until April 2013.

She admitted to her grandmother that she had pushed him out of the window, while the police were secretly recording, which led to her prosecution.

She was prosecuted after the birth of her son, Levi.

Is Amber still in prison?

Amber was charged with a second-degree murder sentence of 25-years.

She was serving her sentence out at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Centre in Oklahoma.

However, she took her own life on October 24th, 2016.

Not much has been released about her passing, but her family sued the DOC in July 2018 claiming not enough had been done to prevent her death.

Where can I watch Women Who Kill?

The first episode will show on Monday, March 25th on Channel 4 from 10 pm – 11 pm.

The second episode will air on Monday, April 1st at the same time.

The full documentary will also be available to catch up on Channel 4’s streaming service, 4oD.




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