Zak Catchem is part of the alligator hunters featured on History’s Swamp People. With a new season well underway, let’s get to know him.

The series follows Louisiana locals who showcase their best skills during the wild gator season – 30 days of alligator hunting.

Zak is amongst those making a living on the swamp, namely the Atchafalaya Basin, during the most important time of year.

So, who is Zak on Swamp People? We found out how much he is worth…

Screenshot: Zak Catchem, Swamp People: A Cannibal Gator Bullies Joey and Zak (Season 10) | History YouTube

Who is Zak on Swamp People?

Florida native Zak is a professional fisherman who stars on Swamp People.

When he’s not busy fishing and reeling in ocean animals, Zak Bagby is designing lures and other types of fishing gear.

In Louisiana, the 30-year-old teamed up with the Edgar family to help catch animals from the swamp.

He is also well-known for his fishing YouTube channel, where he has more than 3.2 million subscribers!

The star is best known as Zak Catchem due to his fisherman role.

What is Zak Catchem’s net worth?

Best known for being a well-known fisherman on YouTube, it’s likely that he earns a significant income from making videos and large following.

He reportedly makes a $1 million salary from the platform alone!

We know that his co-star Troy Landry reportedly makes $30,000 per episode, so it’s likely that Zak also gets a decent salary from Swamp People.

Meet Zak Catchem on Instagram

Built up from his YouTube and TV stardom, Zak has at least 256K followers on his Instagram profile.

Known as Catch Em All Fishing, he regularly shares pictures and videos of his journeys on the ocean, such as catching pythons, sharks and gators.

He is in a relationship with a woman named Selena, who joins him fishing.

Looking through his Instagram, it’s clear that he also enjoys working out, as he has just purchased a personal gym for his house.



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