Botched is no stranger to complicated boobs jobs that leave breasts uneven or completely deformed, so here’s a round-up of some of the most unreal surgeries performed by Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif have been transforming lives on E!’s Botched for the last eight years. From watermelon-sized breasts to countless failed rhinoplasty cases, the two doctors have demonstrated that they have the golden hands in the Los Angeles plastic surgery scene.

The show has highlighted some of the most jaw-dropping plastic surgery failures that leave us questioning: “how does that even happen?” In most cases, it’s poor procedures with no follow-up appointments.

Thankfully, Dubrow and Nassif are the surgery saviours that patch up the blunders, so take a look at some of our favourite Botched boob job moments.

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Ex on the Beach | New Season Trailer | MTV

Check out these memorable patients

Shannah finally defeats cancer

Shannah tested positive for BRCA-2 gene in early 2014, meaning that she was at risk of breast, colon and ovarian cancer. She underwent a double masectomy in September of that same year and also had her nipples removed.

At the same time, the doctor put in tissue expanders and inserted gel silicone implants three months later; her nipples were tattooed on after.

However, the reconstructive implants were not expanding properly, causing her new breasts to look bumpy and they were too high on her chest. Dr Dubrow realised that the Shannah still had remaining cancerous breast tissue that wasn’t removed previously. Thankfully, he worked his magic and removed the tissue and inserted new implants.

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Dee’s 30lb bowling ball boobs

53-year-old Dee Stein reached out to Botched for a solution to her 30lb breasts. Stein’s right boob was a “screaming, complaining breast”, as noted by Dr Nassif, while the left was a deflated “disaster”.

Originally an A cup, the Las Vegas native opted for surgery since she worked as a dancer and realised that larger breasts were more popular among guests. Her first change took her to an alleged size triple F, and then to an H cup with 1300 cc; it was followed by an increase to 3000 cc.

Most concerningly, Dubrow noted that “the human body is not even equipped to handle this kind of volume expansion in breast tissue.”

Stein underwent two surgeries: one to remove her 3000 cc implants and the second to insert her new D cup implants, all while ensuring her nipples “didn’t fall off”. Thankfully, the process was successful and her chest looked good as new – truly a weight lifted off her shoulders.

Duct tape to the rescue

We know Kim Kardashian’s secret tape trick to keep her breasts perky for her braless looks, but Kailan was forced to use duct time to secure her girls after a 15-minute surgery left her with high implants and drooping breast tissue. At the time, she was 19 and visited the closest doctor in her price range.

“When you have four boobs, and you want, your best option is to tape them up”, and her supportive boyfriend added: “When you get intimate, it’s clear tape.”

“Zombie boobs”

After a failed fat transfer, Shannon was left with what the show labelled as “zombie boobs” since the fat in her breast had died.

“For a fat transfer to the breast to work, the fat has to be good and the tissue you’re transferring it to has to have good blood supply,’ Dubrow explained.

As one of the surgeon’s most complicated cases, Shannon’s solution consisted of reconstruction and inserting new implants, and for the first time, Terry could’ve faced his first nipple loss. Since her situation was so dangerous, Shannon wasn’t going to get the breast fullness she desired.

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